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Monday, October 30, 2006



What an adorable face! I love it when you post dog pics!


Oh, she's beautiful! I hope she helps to fill your heart! Give her pats and tummy rubs for me.


Cricket is a cute name!! She is so cute!! How fun to have a new baby in the house!! How are Maggie and Kali doing with the new addition?


That little face is sooo precious. Standing by to see what name you come up with. So many good ones out there... tho whatever means "wish granted" in whatever language could be fun.


She is a real beauty! But best of all, she is a Texan and should have a decent Texas moniker. We recently lost a grand Texas dame, Ann Richards, to cancer. How about Annie in honor of a great Texas Governor? I just know I am going to end up getting a puppy if I don't stop reading your blog.


I love visiting here, pups/fibre, what more can a girl ask for! I thought the same as Laura at first, Twinkle, but then I got playing on words and thought Stella as in stellar (you know...stars and that?) Too much thinking for now, I think I need chocolate ;)


Oh My, she is absolutely breathtaking, Cricket is a great name as well as Star, Chloe would also be nice. She is gorgeous. I love it when you post pics of the dogs.


She has the most beautiful expression and markings. Congratulations!!! :)

I hope you will come up with a great name for her. I'm sure her personality will help with that. :D


She is beauitful. And I'd call her Bennie. :-)


Your new baby is beautiful! It'll be so fun for your Maggie to have a 'best buddy' to grow up with, you'll have so much joy watching their antics as they play. I love the name you chose, Cricket is perfect for such a happy little bundle of pup! Best of luck to your family as you all scootch over a bit to make room for Cricket in your life!


What a cutie! Cricket works for me.

I was thinking about planes this weekend...just that it must have been horrible turbulence. I can't imagine why they don't all blow out of the sky on days like that, but statistics were definitely on your side. I'm glad you are safe.


My vote is for Star...what a beautiful little face.


I wanted to name my new puppy Stella incorporating the night time sky,but my family hated it so settled with Lily. The breeder chose one of the only 2 yellow female labs bumping us off the list and instead we now will be bringing home a 7 week old handsome black male on Saturday with a much nicer temperament than his sibs. We're back to the drawing board for names. Got any good boy names?

Cindy D

She's lovely and so is your shawl. What is the pattern?


I have to agree I like the name Cricket and it goes so well with her registered name.


Twinkle? I would wind up calling her Twinkie, haha.

Diane E.

She's quite pretty! I like "Cricket" also, but she could be a "Trudy" too.


She's adorable and I'll bet she was sure worth the trip. As for the name, I thought of Bella. A variation of Tinkerbell, doncha know.


She is a cutie, that's for sure! And glad you are home, safe and sound with her.


My daughter's suggestion is Ruby.


My choice would be Sunny (short for Sunshine).


Aw, what a face!


Gah! You were flying last night! Yeeeiiikes. Glad you're home safe and sound.

I too like the name Star. Or maybe Tillie (short for the french word for star which is etoile -- someone I know used it long ago).

Nice lacework. Looks like the Helen's Lace I worked recently.


Yeah, I like Star, too. she sure looks like one!

Yeeeeikes on the plane ride. I would not have liked that.


I just love all your pictures of puppies. I really like the name cricket, but there's always Cleo or Figaro (or maybe not) as well.


Plane rides like that are just too scary indeed!! You new one is a doll...I thought a new dog was your surprise.


She's adorable!! and so is Maggie. Is "Cricket" a Springer? They are both just beautiful!! I love dogs. :D


Oh she definitely looks like a Cricket to me.


i like cricket :-)


I think she could be a Cricket - or does she need something more diva-ish to match her blood lines? Can't imagine having to land in yesterdays wind, glad you're home safe.


Star, it's in her registered name and she does look like one!
Hopefully she will be one too.

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