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Monday, October 23, 2006



Your post really hits home for me Kim. As I am getting older and facing 40, a lot has been on my mind lately. My kid's are growing up, and I'm remembering the past and trying to finally realize that the most important times in life are those spent with close friends and family members. I wish we lived closer to one another, because your posts are always an inspiration to me. You show such devotion to your family (which includes your pets), friends and your home life. This particular post really got to me. Thinking about times in the past (being picked last in school sports, etc.) ... maybe I'm just emotional today, but recently being diagnosed with peri-menopause and trying to deal with getting older when I still feel so young at heart ... it just gets to me. I watch my kid's growing up, and I think back to when I was a little girl. Time goes by so fast.

I just wanted you to know how much your post meant.

*hugs always* and please always keep on blogging. More than you realize, your posts really mean a lot to those of us (like me), who are regular readers. :)

Diane E.

So glad we met! I'll definetly look you up next time we're up your way!


I am so happy to have met you, Kim, and look forward to next year... you and Di and I can have a photo op in our cashmere shawls. ; ) I had to do it. It'll be a nice knit with some happy memories attached -- and promise of more.


Oh Kim, I'm so glad you pushed yourself and went. I can so totally understand that feeling. I was usually the last kid picked for teams and while I appear confident and outgowing now, that isn't quite the natural tendency. I would have to agree that fiber people are really the best out there. I'm glad you had a good time.


It was really nice meeting you Kim and am so glad you came! Thank you for letting a newby like me spin on your wee Robin- it was lots of fun. Looking forward to many more times like these.

wool winder

Glad you had such a good time!


Kim, I'm so glad you were there. I didn't get to spend enough time with you at all, but you were one of the faces I saw everywhere, and somehow in spite of the lack of quality time it wouldn't have been the same without you.

Wool people are the best, aren't they?


Isn't it funny that even as adults there are still those insecurities lurking? As if a bunch of knit bloggers might gang up on you and not let you be in their knitting circle, or whatever! I think most of us still feel some sort of apprehension when approaching a group of strangers, especially if they know each other already. But it passes in moments.

My daughter is the only child I have ever met who has absolutely no fear of new people or situations. Entering a party, for instance, I am likely to be nervous about meeting the people there. She takes one look at the kids and goes, "New friends!" and takes off. (She actually used to say those words out loud when she was 4 or 5.) If only all of us could have that attitude!

Glad you had a good time. I believe that the best times we have are usually at the events we're doubtful about. It's when our expectations are really high that things rarely measure up.


How crazy to see a photo of Margene on your blog. ;)
I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful time. I can hardly wait to hear all the details from Margene.


Yes it is indeed a beuatiful picture.
Funny, I have been reflecting and blogging about the same themes lately. Fibre people are truly wonderful aren't they. We are so lucky to belong to such a community.


I just loved seeing you again! Thank you for your Robin advice! I'm sure I'll be picking your brain the closer I get to two years. EEK!


That's me and my friend blogless Janet in the middle, Cathy. And we were so glad to get to meet you too, Kim! I had such fun at Rhinebeck, and I'm flat out jealous that we didn't find the party at the hotel... we were out slurping clams and mussels in Kingston. Isn't it funny that we all feel like we've known eachother awhile when we've just met face-to-face for the first time? That's great blogging folks.


I just wanted to let you know I started spinning the roving you sent me for the red/pink colorswap, and it is AMAZING! I have very little roving since I'm a new spinner, and I have never spun any fiber yet that feels like yours. It feels so buttery soft and is so easy to spin I can't believe it. I'm going to be adding a picture of the singles I have so far to my blog later today :) I love the color changes in it too. It is my first roving that is 'painted' like this so I have never got to experience how cool it is as each color section turns into yarn. I will be ordering some from you store soon :) Thank you again for the fab fiber :) ;)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love the photo - especially of Judy on one end and Margene at the other - two of my fav bloggers! (I have no clue who is in the middle!!)


Add me to the people who were glad you were there! I so enjoyed getting to spend time with you.


Let the countdown begin! I know exactly what you mean, Kim, but I feel like I know you already and can't wait for you to show me the Rhinebeck ropes next year!


I'm glad you did it. My forever picture is you marching down the hall (as I'M going to BED) with the Robin wheel slung over your shoulder, going to START spinning in the lobby.

Lee Ann

I'm absolutely beyond happy to have met you, Kim, and I'm so glad you decided to come, no matter how nervous you were. I enjoyed talking with you so much!


I know exactly the feeling that you speak of. Good for you for just doing it - I would have had the same backing out first instinct. It helps that when you do push yourself to do those things that you are almost always rewarded - I'm glad you were too.


I'm so glad you put yourself in the car and drove outside the comfort zone. You sure look like you're having fun in the photo I have of you! Just what you needed.


I'm glad that you conquered your comfort zone, and that you had a good time! Yeah!


Oh, Kim. I can relate. I am SO glad that you came -- hanging out with you, laughing, spinning -- that's really the gift of these weekends.


That, and the picture of Judy in her lovely sweater! Perfect fall colors for the day. The entire group looks like they were having a wonderful time. :)


I understand completely, Kim. And I count myself lucky to call you a friend.


It was lovely to meet you...ever so briefly. Love that picture of sheep. And friends.

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