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Tuesday, October 24, 2006



You've made me even more impatient for Christmas! I'm trying to get on with work but can't stop thinking about the Bosworth spindle Santa's bringing. I've only used a very basic plywood one before, and I get moments of that zen-like feeling of being totally in sync with myself with that, so I can't wait to try a properly balanced one.

I second that comment about the UK's tiny fibre scene. I live in Northern Ireland and it's even worse here. Next year I'm determined to get to Woolfest, and sadly, that will probably be the first time I see another person spin. Wee snippets of internet video just aren't the same.


Very pretty spindles and fiber!

FairIsle Faerie

Aww your so lucky ! We just dont have anything even close to RB here in the UK. Ok we have woolfest, but its not a scratch on what you got over there,fibre just isnt taken seriously enough here, we've such a long way to go to catch up !



You told me a long while ago that you never "got" spindling - I'm actually thrilled that it finally sunk in (I learned more from watching Sheila than I ever learned in a class I paid for!) and that you're enjoying your spindles as they're meant to be used. Not that I don't decorate with mine, but I love using them. There's something about spindling that makes me feel really ... rooted and connected, if that makes any sense.


You and TeresaC have been aided into spindle spinning by a great teacher. I am so happy to have any hand in the beginning steps of your journey. It was wonderful to meet you. Next time we must find some time to hang out a bit together and do some spinning. Maybe we can get more people into the spindle fold (like Carole);-)


A spindle was the one thing I wanted to purchase but didn't. I feel much more at ease with my wheels. But I want to be able to spindle spin, too. I get all shy in the spindle vendor booths, though, and I don't dare try the spindles in front of anyone for fear of making an ass out of myself. And I was never with one of the spindle gurus at the right time to make a purchase so it just didn't happen. I'm glad it worked out for you - it sure looks like you're doing well with it.


Two hands, three spindles? You should have no problem blasting through your fiber stash!

I didn't "get" the drop spindle until well after I got comfortable on the wheel. Now I like both, for different reasons.

Enjoy your new purchases. :-)

Mary Ellen Dadds

Your spindles are beautiful.
And the fiber.Sure does make nice pictures to look at.
I too learned on a wheel first.Tryed the drop spindle but just couldnt get the hang of it.But i covet every dropspindle i see.
Lately i too have had the desire to learn the drop spindle better.
Somebody told me just stick to it.
Thats the key,along with having someone show you a bit.
Its like eating peanuts now and i can even say i have my favorite spindle.
Mary Ellen


I'm still not on board with spindling although I've watched with envy in my heart as Margene has done amazing things with fiber & spindle. I just bought PGR's Spinning in the Old Way so maybe I'll give it another go one of these days. Keep us updated as you progress - maybe it'll motivate me. :)


You should do home decorating or something - the woods you've picked to go with the fibers or vice versa are just lovely together. Those Bosworth spindles are awfully nice - I tried out one of Jonathan's charkas at the last S&W, and had to restrain myself from taking one of those home too!


I still don't know how I missed the Grafton Fibers booth . . . I don't have a Bosworth spindle (yet?), but I do love my Kundert--even more than the Golding!

Teresa C

Me Too! Me too!!!! Kim, I spin in the morning when I get up and when I get home from work and when I walk by and notice the spindles screaming for attention and.... and..... It is not difficult getting in the daily half hour of practice that Margene prescribed. I really think that Sheila is a guru. I had probably less spindle spinning experience than you and when I left her after only a few minutes I felt confident that I could go home and do this. There are still a few little quirks that I am trying to work out, but I am quite sure I am going to run out of fiber to practice with in short order. Anytime you want to get together and drop-spin, compare notes, any of that, let me know. I am so there!


Your spindles are beautiful. I have one Bossie mini myself and just love it. My other is a Kundert which is so very different but I love too. They are so pretty that it isn't hard to start collecting them at all. I had to buy mine online, but if I get the chance to go to a fiber fair and try out some others in person, I'm afraid of how many I may come home with!! :)


Isn't it great to have one of those "a-ha" moments! Your new spindles are beautiful and it sounds like they are right for you. I also brought a few new spindle goodies home with me.

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