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Wednesday, October 18, 2006



Love the fact that you just dumped the fleece in, lucky girl to purchase such a clean fleece. I have always used a bag to contain the fleece, I see that you don't. Do you leave the fleece in the tub and spin it out? Do you remove the damp fleece before you refill the washing machine? and BIG question...is this safe for my septic system processing fleece this way? Thanks for the help.

Cindy D

I know what you mean.....fleeces are wonderful right off the hoof. Hope I don't feel tempted to buy any at Rhinebeck....


Wow, right in the washer huh? Do you put it in a pillow case or something? Sorry, I am real ignorant of the processes that occur between the sheep grazing in the field and the yarn sitting in a bin at the yarn store. But I am fascinated that you treat cleaning a fleece like it's just no big deal. I am hoping to at least try learning to use a drop spindle at the Kid & Ewe fiber fest down our way in November. Have fun!


I LOVE a raw fleece.

There's no harm in going into the fleece barn if you only look and touch a few, right...?


I don't know, I promised Sandy I wouldn't chew up car space with the purchase of a fleece. I may have to reconsider ;-)


HAHAHA out of the fleece barn, wench. Save it all for me me me!

Just kidding. I have enough fleeces, too. Yours looks beautiful.


I'll be staying out of the fleece barn with you, my fleece closet can't hold another one! See you soon!

Mary Ellen Dadds

The Black fleese is lovely.
I think id like a Black fleese one day.Maybe In May when we have ourSheep and wool show here in Maryland
Mary Ellen


We can stay out of the fleece barn together. Okay?


Wow - what a nice fleece. I need a black fleece. I long for the day when I have a hot water system that can reliably fill my washer with hot water (or my tub for that matter). Gone will be the days of stovetop heating and small fleece washing batches!!

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