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Thursday, July 13, 2006



Wow! am I relieved it wasn't the "other" good-bye! Sad, nonetheless, because I know how much you love your dogs. He has the sweetest face and the photos are great. Bon Voyage, Eddy!! I think you should plan a visit in the future!!!


Oh, he is so beautiful it made me cry just to look at his picture! Hoping you will feel better soon, though we know he will always have a piece of your heart ;/

Diane E.

Hansome Prince, hoping you'll hear how well he's doing soon!.


Oh dear, scare me, I thought it was the 'big' goodbye too. Glad he is still with us. Just think of it as sharing his love with someone else now, he brought joy to you and now he can again in Germany. What a precious face!!

Beth S.

Oh goodness, I too thought it was the Big Goodbye! I'm glad to hear he's just relocating, that's all. Not that it makes it any easier for you to part with him...


My heart leaped too.... he is a beauty for sure. The pictures are great of the two of you.


Another reason I so could not be a breeder - but think of ALL the fun he will have learning a new language and new adventures he'll have! That part must be very satisfying.


What a sweet boy. I'm sure he'll have a happy life in Germany (but so far! boo!). Like others, I was afraid it was the "other" goodbye. So glad it's not.


He's just precious. It's no wonder that you'll miss him - you can see in the photos what a bond you have. Thankfully he has a loving Mama and warm home waiting for him. And I'm guessing there will be more new puppies again some time? Thanks for the sweet photos. :)


Oh, what a precious boy.


I thought you meant the other (more final) good bye, too................he is lovely, and obviously in love with you. I'm sure he will be a proper brit and love his new mummy, too, but you will always be his first......

Such wonderful photos!~


OMG, my heart skipped a beat! Because of our last conversation I was afraid that it was the "other" sort of goodbye...the kind that leaves me with tears in my eyes for days (weeks).

He's sure lovely, and I even though you're gonna miss him like crazy, I'm sure he will be well loved and cared for.

Hugs to you.


Such a sweet face. Perhaps his humans will have a web cam;)

Lizzy B

Oh, he's so handsome! I know you will miss him terribly, but at least he will be going to a wonderful home. And maybe you can go visit him!


How difficult, he's such a sweet puppy.


He is a beauty and will be well loved, I am sure.

Mary Beth

He's beautiful, such lovely photos of you together! Hope time eases the loss a little...all the best!


My heart goes out to you, Kim. He's a real Prince.


heartbreaking. Wish I could console you in person.


Tell me where he is! I'll go dognap him and bring him back to the States with us next year for you! Until we got Aggie, I thought all Cavs looked alike. Definitely not so. He's a beaut!


My heart jumped into my throat at first! I'm sure you'll miss him, but I'm also sure he'll be well loved in Germany. I think you should've flown over with him, though ;)

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