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Saturday, June 03, 2006



The socks, The Weaving, The dogs - do you have a room for rent?;) My daughters and I are just totally facinated with weaving - yours is absolutely gorgeous. I love that sock pattern in those colors, they are beautiful!


The socks, the weaving and the dogs are just perfect. Thanks for sharing such beautiful things.


Those socks are just awesome - I don't blame you for casting on another pair just like them!

The weaving is stunning - I'm amazed by all weaving and spinning because I don't do either one.

And the puppy face. OH. That. Face. This (and people babies) is what life is about. Pure sweetness. :)


is it your fault we got rain again on the weekend? there is something about rain in nh in june - it just stinks (worse than a wet doggie, no matter how cute). keep the dog baths down to a minimum please, i really can't stand another real wet weekend.
Sharon -
ps - trying to figure out how far it is from Conway (actually Bristol NH) to the Fiber Frolic this weekend - any idea of time? and an easy way to get there?


Adore those socks! The pattern is great and the colors wonderful! Really awesome scarves, too! And doggies, well, will be doggies, even if they are precious spaniels!


That's my new favorite sock pattern, too! I love how the striping looks on yours.
The scarf is awesome.


You know it was the baths that made it rain. Otherwise the weather would like have been fine. The dog owner's version of the car washing truism.

wool winder

I like the way your socks turned out. Mine turned out a little too big, but I'll wear them anyway. It was a fun pattern to knit.


cool socks! I can see why they will be a favorite! Nicely done, Kim...


Hey, good to hear from your corner! Nice socks and of course beautiful Kali! But 8 wet, muddy, smelly dogs - yikes!


Wow Thoses socks are beautiful

I emailed you a while ago and Im sure if you received it so Im checking again I would love to talk to you about your doggies as I am hoping to be a Cavy mom within the next year =)


Wow Thoses socks are beautiful

I emailed you a while ago and Im sure if you received it so Im checking again I would love to talk to you about your doggies as I am hoping to be a Cavy mom within the next year =)


That doggy is cute. The Cute Puppy Lobby demands some photos of the cute Blenheim puppy you were posting earlier, however! :)


Cool scarves. I haven't woven with rayon yet, but I have it on my list for summer weaving.

I've had the same warp on my table loom since the summer 2004. I used it for a class and had a plan for the rest of the warp. Don't ask me what it was!


Kali is adorable!

Your socks are lovely. I just finished my socks in that colorway of step as well. I just did plain old stockinette, but I really love how soft they are. I ordered two more skeins of the stuff.

Pretty weaving!


The socks are so beautiful! Isn't it neat to see how the pattern changes with the yarn. And that puppy, so, so cute! My neighbor, who has a pug, was telling me the other day that your dogs are great for retirees. Of course, I'd love one with my little kids -- they are so cute!


You have some seriously good "goods" -- especially the socks. And the scarf is beautiful and very very long, eh? It must feel good to have it done.


Kali looks like a little masked bandit ;-)

Love the scarf and socks- pretty colors.


I love the colour of your woven scarf-beautiful! Whenever my dog gets a bath it inevitably rains the next day!


Everything you make is so lovely!

The socks have such a beautiful pattern to them!

Your weaving is amazing!

My son told me to say your doggie is adorable!



Beautiful scarf! One of these days I'm going to learn to weave. The puppy is absolutely adorable, too!

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