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Sunday, June 11, 2006



Oh Kim, I am so sorry about your bunny. I lost one a couple of months ago, and it doesn't matter how many you've ever lost, its still so sad.
I was playing in all your rovings that I've collected today, and just had to check in with you- I'll read backwards over the next few.

julia fc

Where have you been? I hope all is well and you're busy making cloth and socks and taking care of bunnies and puppies and kids in joy.


Very sorry to hear about your dearly departed bunny.

Oh my goodness though, you truly inspire me with your creativity. I knit, but only knit. To see weaving via pictures, I'm in awe. Kudos to you always! :)

kathy b

I'm so sorry about your girl.


Sorry to hear of your bunny loss.

She will be awaiting you with all your other bunny friends in a nice alfalfa field in the sky


Congratulations on mastering warps :) You're very brave to be weaving with chenille. Have you had any problems with worming?

I'm so sorry to hear you lost your bunny. It is very hard to say good bye isn't it?


What beautiful projects! Sorry about the rabbit; I have a barn full of senior citizens and I'm attached to all of them!


I'm so sorry to hear about your little girl...


Beautiful beautiful work Kim. I'm sorry to hear that one of your girls passed. I know it must be sad for you when that happens. She'll always live on in the beautiful fibers she provided.


So sorry to hear of the loss of your bunny.

I like the front to back method as well of warping. A bit more waste, but I like being able to feel the yarn and fuss with the tension to get it "just right". Great scarves!


You have been one busy, grrl. Focus is key to getting anywhere on our life journey;-) Do we need to know where we are on the path?
The bunnies are so dear and sweet. It must be hard to loose one.


The weaving stuff is fascinating. So sorry about your lost bunny. It must be so hard.


I admit I didn't understand any of the weaving stuff. Not one word. It would probably best if I kept it that way, don't you think?

Can't wait to see the dyed bunny stuff! I'll be watching your shop. ;)


Sorry about your bunny, Kim. It's always a sad thing to lose an animal, no matter the age or size.

Missed you this weekend.


Your weaving and sock are beautiful! And wow! Look at all that beautiful angora!

I'm sorry about your bunny. :(



The scarf is glorious, Kim!!! You make me want to try my hand at weaving again. I fully plan on taking a class at Harrisville once we get to NY. Wanna join me?

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