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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Brianna Flynn

I just finished a sock in Stepp. It's really interesting. I like the way it knits up, but it does feel a little cold and oily sometimes. Not in a bad way, it just takes some getting used to.

The resulting sock is georgous. Lovely fabric.

Puppy Lover

Good post, but I was kind of hoping for some puppies. :)


I lived for four years in Maine and never saw a moose. Other people had them walking onto their decks and looking in windows. While i'd like to see one; not in front of the car. Glad you're back safe with your lovely yarns!


Welcome home! How are things up your way? Looks like the northern part of the state was spared the brunt of it, hope you're hkeeping dry.


What a weekend! Traveling is fun, but it's also so exhausting! I'm so jealous that you saw a moose, though. Whenever I travel up north I'm always looking for them, but they seem to stay in the woods while I'm around.


Hey Kim... When you fly, do you put your Cavs in a Sherpa for the cabin or do you put them in a crate in the cargo hold? I'm already getting anxious about our trip home next year. A lot of people that are moving back right now have had problems getting their dogs on the flight.


sounds like you had a crazy travel experience! Oh well, those kinda trips are the more memorable ones, right? At least you got through it relatively unscathed ;-) Flooding is NOT good... by living in New Orleans, I know that all too well! At least you had some goodies to come home to... kidsilk haze is on my "to buy" list definitely


Wow, what a trip! Beautiful photos, though. It's hard to remain centered with all of that going on!

Diane E.

Now that's some interesting yarn, with aloe and jojoba. Hmmm, I 'll have to keep an eye out for it. Glad your arrived home safely.


So how did Eddie do in the show?
Glad you're home safe... I am so glad we're not having the horrible flooding the rest of New England is. Rain yes, just not of epic proportions.


I have that exact color of Step. I'm almost sure that it's going to be the next yarn I use for socks after finishing the current pair.


What a relief you are home safely and what a nightmare you suffered through. I am worried about everyone in the NE area...may they all be safe and dry!


I'd hide in bed for a week after a trip like that! I've been mildly tempted by the Austermann Step but the colors aren't quite vivid enough for me. It sounds interesting though.


Hope the rain has stopped up north. We went to the NHSW saturday and it was very very wet. How did your little guy do at the show by the way?

wool winder

Did you hit a moose with your car or just come close to it? Sounds like an exhausting trip. I have some of that sock yarn too (in a different color). I'll get around to trying it out one day.


Sounds like horrible traveling experiences this time! I flew through a lightening storm once and it was terrifying. Glad to hear that you're home safe and sound and dry.

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