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Thursday, May 04, 2006



heh, funny pics!

From the house rabbit


your puppies are so adorable! I have wanted a sweet kind charles spaniel but unfortunatly i cannot get one-the snood is such a good idea, did you make it?


That is a fantastic green package, Kim! I'm so happy you had a good experience with this swap! Let me know if you are joining us for blue June!


Hey there Kim,
Love the snood! We always know when Ag's been drinking because her ears are dripping from the bottom. The pups are so cute.


What great dog pics (as usual!) I love the colors in your yarn selections as well.


Makes complete sense. The blog world is fun, but one can't have the tail wagging the dog. (Couldn't resist that one!)


Sorry to hear that your Cavalier is/was suffering with chronic ear infections. I have a recipe from an old vet that is made with three, cheap (over-the-counter) items from the drugstore. Works wonders and you do not have to change diet for it to do so. It was the most amazing thing we ever saw when we used it years ago on our Dinah (Irish Setter). It's saved me buying expensive antibiotics and ointments that were not doing the trick, but kept me running back to the vet for rechecks and more meds. Old fashioned remedies aren't to be sniffed at in my book. Please contact me privately for the info.


I like the saving gas/buying yarn reasoning! I did a raw meat diet for one of my siamese who allergic/intollerant of protein. It was a ground chicken with suppliments diet. It made a huge difference to Viscounts health...even the vet who admitted to not being in favor of homemade food told me to keep up the good work. It was a lot of work though. I used to make batches and freeze the portions in a muffin tin.


Waht a darling face, as usual! Have a safe trip to Kentucky. And I love the yarns out there celebrating!


The pups are wonderful! My favorite, however, is the gas saving /yarn buying logic. Now that's good. su in RI


The puppy is so, incredibly cute!

I love that blue and green colorway of the Malabrigo. I have picked it up and put it down many times while in my local yarn store :-)


And I would love to become a dog breeder later in my life 9a long time later as I know how expensive a hobby it is) and would love to learn about the different aspects of it so I can be well prepared when the time comes Thanks again!


Hi Kim! Miss Bibbity is beautiful I hope she grows to be the champion you see in her now I have also heard a great deal about the raw diet from another breeder who I recently contacted it I love the snood! So adoreable I emailed you a while ago and Im not sure if you received it I would love to talk more about cavys with you if you didnt mind. Im looking to aquire my first one late this year Thanks so much



Hi Kim! Enjoy this very lovely weekend ahead, enjoying your gardens and knitting for pleasure! The puppies are so sweet, and I love your new webpage!


I haven't quite been able to bring myself to feed raw, but I do an almost-raw diet for Chappy. I use the Sojourner Farms dog food mix, add my own meat and some extras, and then bring the whole pot to a boil then take it off the heat. The meat comes out about half-cooked, but the grain-base has more the texture of oatmeal than something like vomit (grin). No matter what, though, they deserve the best we can give them, right?? Your pups are beautiful.


Your puppies are so beautiful. I have a sweater's worth of a really neat olive-colored Malabrigo in my shash (picked it up at 30% off!) -- I'm still thinking about different ideas.


Love the pic of Libby with the snood! How adorable! And I have heard nothing but good things about raw diets.

Diane E.

Love the yarn colors you chose. Is there a picture of the sweater you refer to on the site? We love the markings of the middle puppy, I might describe as kind of "split face".
I'm inquiring in case, does she a home?


We miss you when you are away. But life is good when you have many irons in the fire. My Murphy might do better on that diet. Thanks for the links!


My dogs were never so healthy and fit as when I fed them raw. Then the prices went up and my sources for bulk sales dried up. :( We're trying Fromm Family foods now. Not great, but it'll do.

And I just LOVELOVELOVE Miss Libby's markings. Black and tan!!!


Must be the season for blogging blahs. I've been totally uninspired to blog. After spending most of my energy working outdoors, all I want is some mindless knitting.

Right now I feel like a boring (but happy) person, which doesn't translate into an interesting blog post.

Also, I just pruned my blogroll and organized it so the blogs I love are in one small folder, the blogs I occasionally enjoy are in a larger, second folder, and the many blogs I was reading just because they were knitting blogs are deleted.

You're in my love folder. Have a great spring.


Those puppies are so cute and I have heard that about raw diet, eliminates or certainly better controls the allergies and all the bad things that accompany them!!
Enjoy the daisies! We all should do a bit more of that imho!! :)

wool winder

I know what you mean about spending too much time in front of the computer. It's good to take a break once in a while. Love the yarn you bought! Will both sweaters be for you?


I love that rational - we're conserving gas so I'll buy more yarn. ;-)


Oh, she is precious. *pats her little head from here*

I'd heard that about littermates too.

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