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Thursday, April 20, 2006



Your puppies are so sweet. I can well believe it's incredibly hard to say goodbye.

Your laceweight skein looks gorgeous. What pattern are you planning to use?


Chosing just two out of those three faces? What a tough decision. Every one looks like a darling! And I love the laceweight yarn!

wool winder

I really love the pictures of the mountains. Wish I had a view like that!


Gosh beautiful colors in your spinning....and those little girls with their little pink skin showing through around their nose...just TOO cute! I know the family will love their puppy!
LOVE the mountain pics!


Love the puppy pictures. What a wonderful gift from Jean. I enjoyed the pictures of Mt. Washington.


Cute puppy faces - don't they look so innocent? (Rowan is also doing fine, but she is in no way innocent.)

What a beautiful color in that laceweight as well - right up my alley.

Diane E.

We were up in NH the last few days enjoying the beautiful weather and visiting some of our favorite places. Love the pup pictures! Looking forward to fair season with all the great vendors.


You are most welcome, Kim. I'm even sad to see Tommy go. I sent the picture to Dan. He's decided now that he either wants another Ruby or a Blenheim. lol. Who knows what it'll be by the time we get back there. lol.


The woolen rabbit Jean made for you is so sweet! I hope she is doing well and miss her.
The spinning looks fabulous and I love the color. It will make a wonderful shawl for you.


Taylor ROCKS!! I'm jealous! I love the pics of the pups, there is nothing sweeter is there than a puppy. The joy of life itself is displayed in everything.....why aren't we that way anymore? lol


Bibbity has the most uniform markings but there's something about Bobbity that draws my eyes back to her over and over. Maybe it's that certain je ne sais quoi those judges are looking for?

Your spinning is beautiful! If I ever get to see you - prepare to give an impromptu lesson!


How sad to have to let the puppies go; they are so adorable. And wonderful spinning. Lovely stuff!


It must be hard to let the puppies go! Your spinning is beautiful. Do you have a shawl in mind for the yarn?


That is exquisite spinning! Such fineness...even...glowing.

Puppygirls are beautiful. You could hear the "ohhhhs" throughout bloglines on that one. But you knew that.

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