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Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Cindy D

Your Pascal shawl is lovely. I especially like the beading.

Of course....your puppy pic is so cunning.


Your shawl came out beautifully! I love the extra added bling with the beaded edge.


Love the little shawl! And the silk; looks like it's going to be wonderful.

Hard to give up the puppies; I used to feel the same. But if I didn't let them go I couldn't have more!

Mary Beth

The shawl looks heavenly! Sorry you will be saying goodbye to those little angels, but you're right, they will bring a new family so much joy!


Judy's yarn knits up so beautifully...you are certainly doing it justice.

Giorgio breaks my heart. What a face.


What a gorgeous orange - I'm not even an orange person, and I like it. Really nice pattern for it, too.

Oooo, the puppies are going. I would cry. Every time. Look at that face!


I am pretty sure I could not raise dogs. As much as I love them, I would simply keep them all. Now, that wouldn't do now, would it? The shawl and scarf are very cheery.


that orange is gorgeous!! and i will surely miss the puppy photos :-)


That's a wonderfully thoughtful saying and a beautiful shawl too. Bye bye pups!


I know that has to be the hard part, letting those darlings go. You are richly blessing the lives of people fortunate enough to get one of your well-bred and very loved puppies. I always feel blessed just getting to see them!


:( I will miss the puppies too. It been nice having a "virtual puppy" - they're so quiet and not at all messy. :)


That's why I'll *never* be a breeder - I'd never be able to let them go.

Carrie K

The puppies are soooo cute.

I love the orange scarf! And the shapely shawl too. The yarns really set off the stitch pattern.


I love the way you used the little beads with the picot edge. It's beautiful. Your orange silk is coming along so quickly. Love it! We will miss those puppies with you.


I love the silk, it's goregous! I'm going to miss the puppies, I've saved the picture of the one of them in the bag. It's on my desktop now, what faces!

Judi M.

Your shawl is lovely and gee whiz, I'm going to miss the puppies too!


I absolutely love that shawl. Must.get.pattern! And you know how I feel about the pups. Sent the photo of Georgio on to Dan. He'll love it!


What a beautiful shawl! The puppies are so adorable; I know you'll miss them!

wool winder

The shawl turned out so nice and I like the scarf on the larger needles.


Did you find a good way to join the silk? I'm struggling with that issue. The silk sure does drape nicely.


I have made the Shapely shawl pattern too. I think the edging is beautiful. It really dresses it up. How I wish one of those boy was coming to live with me. That must be difficult to give them up.


I just looked at that Spin Off pattern the other day. It's really pretty opened up like that. And I love your Shapely shawl. I'm just finishing up the Diamond Fantasy and the Shapely looks like it could be a good next shawl project. Must buy the pattern!


The orange scarf is absolutely stunning. And the shawl... the shawl is beautiful, but its purplish. The first thing I saw was the orange. ;-)


Love the shawl and the orange silk. At least you have those projects to brighten your days and ease the sadness of saying goodbye to those sweet little pupplies.

fran ong

Hi! : ) The orange, silk scarf is beautiful.
Pardon my ignorance but what is this breed of puppy called? They're sho cute.


Your shawl looks very pretty, I enjoy the colorway. The new scarf is looking awesome and I think your choice of needles will provide a very nice openwork like you described. Now, the puppies take the cake though...gorgeous!

Donna S.

Gosh, I love those puppies.

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