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Thursday, March 02, 2006



The puppies are absolutely adorable. Your pictures always make me smile so much.

Thank you for posting the "tao" inspiration as well. :)


Thank you for your lovely post - so happy to have helped someone discover the Tao!

Maybe you can give me some tips on puppy raising, since I'm going to have to learn how to do that when I start my Golden Retriever Ranch! Your little guys are ADORABLE!!!


I bought the book too, based on your wonderful excerpts. The pups only get cuter and cuter...eyes open, picture showing nonstop motion.


Thank you for introducing me to the little book, too. I read the Tao often but find the little book (beside my bed) to be so full of beauty. The puppies are just too cute. I would be on the floor with them too often;-)


The silk brick colors are so gorgeous--like butterfly wings.

Everyone's cooing over the puppies; maybe you should submit them to Cute Overload!


I have generally accepted that my husband is not a dog person, but these photos are making it very painful to fully embrace a life without a dog. They are too precious for words. Perhaps one day he will mellow with age.


Kim, I never entertain the IDEA of a puppy until you flaunt those cuties in front of me! Cute hats, too!


Beautiful picture. And oddly enough, that poem *is* exactly what I needed to hear. =)

wool winder

Love those hats! And, the puppies are just too adorable for words!


I love the colors in the sweater - very nice!

Any good puppy books on obedience you can recommend? We have a new addition coming in another 6 weeks and it's been a long time since there was a puppy in our house!


I agree with Norma...........you're killing me.....I just want to pick one of those babies up and hold her or him.....do they all have wonderful homes to go to?

Thanks for the quotation........it is true, it is the ability to feel sad that makes us human..
Welcome back.....I missed your posts


Kim, you should totally submit your puppy pictures to Cute Overload. They're so adorable, I can't stand it!!!


I want to squeeze the puppies! Oh, they are so adorable!

Rachel H

Death by Puppies. Hm. Can't think of a better way to go, really.

'scuse me. I'm just gonna go back and stare at the puppy pics with a gooey expression on my face. There may be some inarticulate cooing type noises as well, be won't talk about those.


Oh, Kim! The babies are the cutest thing ever. How do you get anything done with them around?


Ok I want the one on the bottom right with his/her paws on top of the other one...I love a poser! That jester hat is really cute too, maybe nearly as cute as the puppies ;)


The little tri boy with the spot that's starting to blend in on the top of his head would fit in my arms really well. :)


Those puppies! They get cuter every DAY!

Poor Norma. Death by Puppies!


Oh, my, the puppies are growing up so fast! Almost as fast as bunnies! And they are SO gorgeous!

I've enjoyed your quotes from Tao Daily meditations very much; thanks for sharing. A terrific "D"!


OMG, those puppies are gonna be the death of me. THE DEATH. I can't stand it, seriously!

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