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Saturday, March 25, 2006



Love the yarn on the cabbage dish! I have several of the dishes that I wheedled from my mother. Now my daughter, who is 20, is already asking me when she can have them. I love dishes and I really love yarn!


oh, that face is too cute! love the name :-)


I don't know your puppy personalities-do you have a Whirlwind yet? Love the green yarn and beads.


This is the best springtime post. Everything about it makes me smile and inspires me. Your pups have so much personality, and it absolutely shines through in the pictures. :)

*Hugs* Always. :)


Oh my Gosh! I have that same green cabbage bowl! I am so looking forward to my gardens, too. Everyday I see a new little something just popping through to say happy spring!


She's a beauty! I think it's a beautiful name.

I've spun and plied 2 of 4 ounces of my Black Cherry. It's wonderful and I'll have more than enough to make what I want. I hope to finish up one more project this week, so I won't feel guilty about casting on for my first handspun project!


Must be something about spring that makes one want to knit with Judy yarn. I just started a shawl with the purple colorway I bought from her last fall! I love the two ones you have as well!

lisa Co.  Springs

what darling babies....I wouldn't get anything done if they were in my house. I like the 'wind in the willow' themed name, you would call her "Willow" I presume?

kathy b

Who's peeking out the streets of the city?
Smilin at everybody she meets,
who's to capture the moment?
Everyone knows its WINDY.

And windy has stormy eyes
and windy has wings to fly
above the clouds...

Remember this song? So upbeat.

So how about Above the Clouds: call name Windy. Do you like it?


Ooh, your puppy is so cute. I can feel that soft coat and smell the puppy breath in that photo. So sweet!


I think there are lots you could choose from, Prairie Wind, Whistle down the Wind, Gone with the Wind but I think Wind in the Willows sounds pretty perfect to me.


I think there are lots you could choose from, Prairie Wind, Whistle down the Wind, Gone with the Wind but I think Wind in the Willows sounds pretty perfect to me.


I love the name Bippity. Could it be a nickname? Could you explain more about the naming process and why it starts with a B and why it has to do with the wind? Is Bliss' full name Bliss?


How fast the puppies are growing! I'll be interested in seeing the beaded yarn results!


I don't know how the heck you can choose just one, but she is a pretty girl.


Kim...you are killing me with these puppy pictures. I have been on the fence about getting another dog(Brandy has been gone 3 years now). I am madly in love with the tri boys.


The puppies are getting cuter and cuter.

What size beads did you order for the Judy yarn?

The garden will be restorative and fun. Even the work is fun (mostly).


If those were more like a flyball dog, I'd be begging for the 2 tri pups in the corner of that first photo. Adorable!


I got some of Judy's 100% silk. Her yarn is so lovely. I'm looking for a pattern to start. The puppie is such a doll. Bibbity suits her. Ballymena Bibbity Zephyr? LOL

Donna S.

Bippity is gorgeous. Wish I could hold them??



I love to read your blog it's so fun. Your new puppies are so adorable. Wish I could give them all kisses and hugs. Love the little girl you are keeping she is a doll!!! Hope Spring's daughter Kali is doing good. Give her a big hug from her Daddy!

Mary Beth

So cute! Does she know she's special?


those puppies just keep getting cuter and CUTER! I kinda like the name Bippity too, it's cute (and she's cute!), but I like the other names too. Sorry to hear you had to frog the entire shawl, but now you can start fresh and there won't be any "leftover baggage" attached to it!


Oh, she is just such a sweetie. When she gets an official name, will you still call her Bibbity anyway? Because I love that. Oh, you're going to enjoy the gardening so much. I've already started buying seeds and such. Will have to blog about it soon.


Don't you love Judy's yarn?! I can't wait to see it done up with the beads. Perfect. And I like Zephyr too...although I always think of a zephyr as a soft kind of haunting wind...she's too cute maybe for that.


The pup is just adorable but I can't even imagine how you can decide which one to keep! Lovely beads and yarn, too.


What a cutie pie! How about naming her Zephyr? I'm having trouble concentrating on my knits these days too -- maybe its Spring fever!

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