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Friday, March 31, 2006



So cute!!!


Yayyy you made it to Cute Overload!!
And usually I don't like orange, but those skeins are goooorgeous!


The orange silk is ..... wow. I can't wait to see what your ideas turn into.

Puppies in a tote bag? It should be wrong, but its sooooo cute!


My Dad passed away last Saturday. I can't tell you how happy your puppy pictures make me at a time when I need some cheering up.

Thank you


Thank you for making our day on CuteOverload! Wonderful photos, Woolen Rabbit!

Jan Spencer

Just adorable puppies...great job!! Such a wonderful little bunch!


Your pups are up on Cute Overload today.....


Cindy D

Can't wait to see the shawl off the needles. The dogs are sooooooo sweet.

Cindy D

Can't wait to see the shawl off the needles. The dogs are sooooooo sweet.

wool winder

That picture gives the term "doggie bag" a whole new meaning! I think L.L. Bean would get a kick out of hearing how you use their bag...I bet they never thought of it being used that way.


A bag of puppies, that's the best!


GAH!!! TOO CUTE!!! I brought emeline over to the computer so she could see the puppies - she was saying puppy - nummy nummy nummy (about the photo on the last post when they were eating). I just love seeing their photos. Just keep up with your puppies and things you *must* do but don't forget to make a little time for knitting (like you're doing). You'll get back to the things that make you happy and you'll really appreciate it so much when you do. :)


Absolutely the most tempting thing you've put on your blog - those puppies! Please tell me they are all promised!!! Of course, I'd have to name a new puppy Divorce ....


That bag of puppies is something else. Their explorations must be so much fun to watch.


Oh my goodness those puppies are so cute!


Oh god, they're too much!! I want to squish them! Or carry them around in a tote bag everywhere I go. Thanks!


You would think having two new puppies would make me more immune to the non-stop cuteness of your puppies - but it doesn't because I STILL want one. Is there anything more delightful than a tote bag full of curious puppies? I love that picture.


LOVE that shawl and you're killin' me with the pups! I want another one SO bad.... um... for Aggie. Yea.. that's it. ;-)


Oh my -- those puppies are so cute!


That's a very pretty shawl. Enjoyed your words today - and the puppies of course, reminds me of when my own dog was a pup, so much fun!


I hear ya' I'm right there it seems! (busy stuff)...but a bag full of puppies- they are super cute!! Sounds nice to be outside working on your projects.


Oh Kim, there's not much cuter than a bag full of puppies. Thanks for the good words. I love the Frost Flowers idea.


Aren't those puppy pens wonderful! I'm sure I'll use ours with the new addition when she arrives tomorrow, but they also make such good rabbit exercise areas!


You just made my day with the puppies-in-a-bag picture. So adorable!


How adorable! Puppies in the L.L. Bean bag. It's just so cute! Judy's yarn looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it knit up.


That's a future dog show dog - comfortable in the x-pen, looking out, watching the world go by. :) The picture of all of them in the bag is priceless!

Rachel H

Oh, I LOVE the puppies in a bag! That's too cute. And the posing that wee girl's doing in the top right photo in the bottom group. I'm with Margene. I'd be playing with them all.the.time.


Oh lord, all those cute puppy faces in that tote bag . . . adorable!


Oooooo, they are so cute. How can you not play with them 24/7? I'm sure it is tempting. It's good you have found some time to knit and enjoy time for yourself.
Frost flowers will be beautiful. Please let me know what you think of the yarn...I started last night.

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