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Wednesday, February 22, 2006



It's definitely a fiber blog, but please don't ever worry about posting puppy/dog pics. The blog is also about your life, and is what makes your site ... and you ... incredibly special. Kudos always! :)


I love the puppies, too! It's funny - when does the puppy sense of humor kick in? They look so serious . . .


I don't know how I missed this post for a whole week?! The puppies are precious - I don't know how you get any knitting or dying done with so many of them to love and squeeze on. Your rovings are so YUMMY looking! Like a shot of vitamin C and sunshine mixed together. :)


Love the puppies! And of course the fiber, but I really love the puppies!

Carrie K

Puppies! Ohhhh, puppies. They are so cute! More. Puppy. Pictures.

Your malabrigio sweater is pretty darn impressive too. I love the stitch pattern.


There can never be too many pictures of cute puppy faces; post away! This strange weather has all sorts of things budding and poking up; zero degrees expected Monday!


OH! Please keep posting those cute puppy pictures! They are adorable! Adorable just doesn't seem the right word somehow!
Love your knitting! and your sprouts!


Ok so you know what? Your site is addictive.



My mom always said that it's not spring until it snows on the daffodils twice! But isn't it a precious site to see the new growth despite the forcast?


I think spring often comes earlier than we expect. I find that my plants just poke their noses through the soil, then do no more for a few weeks. As a result, I often miss them altogether.

My crocuses are just about finished, as are the snowdrops. The early daffodils are long since gone, but the mid-season ones are budding nicely. Of course, the snow this morning might have made them think a bit!


Wow - the sweater is zipping along. Must be the magical powers of Malbrigio! And I love the idea of "just watching the puppies grow". ;-)

We won't even talk about the color of that roving. Ahem.


That sweater looks gorgeous! And the puppies - oh! I just want to play and snuggle with them. :)


you mean there are fiber blog police?
hey put the pups up front
pups grow so fast...... you cane have fiber the other 10 months of the year.....for two...let us see pups
after all they have 'fiber' on them no?



I'll be checking my sedum on the next dog walk outing. We've officially started mud season here. The ground hardly got frozen this winter, nor did the pond. Very strange.

Personally, I love the puppy pictures best of all. I could easily sound like a broken record every time you post one. So precious! So cute! So wonderful! So sweet! Please post more!


I was sorry to miss you at SPA....and stop it with the new and ravishing colorways already.


I haven't got any more room.


The malabrigio does look beautifully soft, as soft as puppy tums!


I can't believe your sedum is sprouting already. I will have to check mine out. Love the sweater and puppies.


Oh they are just adorable. Then again, so is the fiber!


Cute puppies, beautiful sweater... and will you quit with the irresistable dyeing already!!!!! Sheesh...


Look at those puppies... cute, cute!


i LOVE the puppy photos :-) and the orange fiber, yum!


The sweater is really coming along. I've never seen it knit up. Looks beautiful. I really missed seeing you at SPA. Thanks for all your kindness tho', I was happy to have gone. I saw tulip heads peaking up through the once again frozen ground. I know those leaves will be mishapen. We'll see what survives. Gorgeous warm colors.


I LOVE how wrinkly Bibbity looks in that picture. Wish the DH would let me get another pup...eh, who am I kidding, wish my CATS would let me get another pup

Lee Ann

Kim, your dyeing is incredible. I have fallen deeply in love with Fiery Embers and I'm not an orange person at all. Is this an orderable colour?

Dude. You're getting way adventurous. ;-)

I know I promised you a periwinkle crayon. Don't worry, after the Olympics, I'll get myself together, promised....


Feel free to give us as many puppy photos as you want - personally, I love 'em!


The sedum sprouts, pups, all part of rural renewal. Most years in the parts where I live have sprouts of different kinds coming up with warm temps, and then stalled for the rest of the winter (chives, daylilies, daffs, tarragon, peonies, among others). They seem to do fine.

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