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Saturday, February 18, 2006


Lisa D.

Those are the sweetest puppies! What breed are they?


Beautiful face! Totally appealing. The malabrigo looks luscious. I just bought two skeins at Halcyon for a try out so I know what you are saying about the softness!


Those pups are so cute they're dangerous! I just might go out and get Oreo (my Lab) a little sister after finding your site, lol.

(I'm kidding, the hubby would stop me!)


I want a puppy
the first baby goats arrived today at the farm
twins and a set of triplets
I am waiting for pictures to be sent



Sweet puppy faces! Nothing like them! Good thing I have baby bunnies to spoil or I'd be out searching for pairs of Samoyeds. Or Spaniels. Or....


I am SO in love with those babies!!
They are absolutely adorable...........


Funny, no one in NYC that I know of sells Malabrigio - I guess I ought to find some, huh?

And the babies? Too, too cute.


What a picture! Love it. But please, do we have to talk about the Olympics? Panic is starting... So, in complete denial, I'm off to follow that Malabrigo link...


So absolutely adorable!! Those puppies are just too snuggable!

And the Malabrigo - love those colors.


Oh my gosh ... the puppies are so beautiful. Again, you have made my day. I'm just smiling so much from having seen these pictures. Puppies and the weekend. :)


I'm glad all the little fur people are feeling better. You must be worn to a frazzle. As always as fabulous as your knitting and spinning is - the puppy pics just make us smile.

Rachel H

That's such a great photo! Made me smile for hours. :o)


omg, this post wins the too cute medal :-)
too bad about spa :-(


What "darlin puppy bugs" as my dad is wont to say. Love the Bibbity Bobbity and Boo names - love it! Glad everyone is over digestive distress and sorry you weren't able to go to SPA. I have to live vicariously thru Judy now. :-)


Nothing makes me smile on a Sunday morning like puppy pictures. They are adorable. Do you know the date for the NH wool festival? Glad everyone is feeling better.


Cav pups and Polish Pottery!! No wonder I like you!! ;-)


Ahhh, is he actually sat in that jug, mug, vase or whatever?


I love those names! Cinderella was my favorite childhood bedtime story.

What a great opening picture!


Cutie pie puppies. Glad you will get to make it to a bit of SPA, but sorry it couldn't have been today - would have liked to have met you!

Diane E.

Love the photos, of course of the puppies and pottery he's in(I love my Polish pottery), knitting, great progress, but what I'm really referring to is the WALLPAPER! I had the same paper and others, from Gear, American Country, several rooms done from those books in fact. But alas, we built another house and by the time I was ready to order the same wallpaper selections for the new house, they were dicontinued! Arghhh! I still have small leftover rolls , can't let them go. Tell me please, if indeed wallpaper was purchased somewhat recently?%#*


OMG, that adorable face, together with your title....it has me laughing even though I feel like CRAP tonight!


Oh! That cute face and look of "get knitting!". Glad to hear everyone's feeling better.


That's the most adorable photo at the tope there. :)

I love the colors of that Malabrigo. It's going to be downright luxurious.

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