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Monday, February 13, 2006



Hope you get to have some fiber girl time on Saturday! There's nothing like it. Relieved to hear that the dogs are better; hope things continue to improve. And what an adorable face!

I'm with Chris; if I didn't have piles of wool myself, I'd be right in line for your gorgeous roving!

Cindy D

What a Doggie face....so precious! That Manos pattern book is in my list of to do sweaters. Which sweater will you make?

Lee Ann

Your latest rovings look INCREDIBLE :-) I'm saving my pennies for more...and big hugs to you for having to deal with doggie illnesses. Poor things. I wish I could go to Spa this year, but it's not going to happen...something about a ten hour drive with a seven-year-old for a one-day stay didn't really appeal to anyone here. Sigh.


What a sweet little face....Hope the girls are feeling better.


what a cute doggie picture! I just love it.


You certainly will love a face like that!

Sorry to read about all the problems with the dogs... I have two dogs and I always get so worried when their tails are not wagging the usual way. But glad that they are little better now.

I'm glad you are able to use the yarn!


Now that first photo, made my day, what a sweetheart.


I've got my fingers tightly crossed for the pooches and you - I'd love to say hi on Saturday!

And yes, you do a lovely job on those fibers! If I weren't getting so much of my own, I'd be one of your biggest customers!!


Had to run and give valentine hugs to my dogs as soon as I saw that picture. What a sweet puppy!!! If you ever sell yarn from your roving, I'd be the first to buy it from you! Still wish I knew how to spin everytime I look at your pictures....
Hope the dogs are feeling better.


The babies are so sweet. I want to smooch them all.
Good talking with you the other day.


Oh so cute! I hope all your babies are better soon. That yarn looks beautiful- gonna have to check it out. And as far as your rovings- STOP! My roving stash is starting to spill out of its storage space. My poor wheel is ready to cry "Uncle!" ;-)


thanks for the puppy picture.........too cute~!
Happy Valentine's day right back at you.......


Oh goodness ... the puppy's picture is just perfect ... especially on a Valentine's day morning like today. You made my morning extra special with that.



OH yes, that baby is wonderful. Yes, I have heard people say that malabrigo does pill. Check out Clara's Knitter's Review on it, as she has abused a swatch in the past.

Looking forward to hearing about your Textile Museum adventures. How can we NOT love your roving? You have such a wonderful skill and talent. Plus your prep is awesome!


The baby! Opened eyes... cute little muzzle. Oh, I'm such a sucker for a puppy.


Thanks for reminding me of that little pattern book. I had wanted to make that V neck also, and have stashed that one away somewhere, way too safe.


I do hope to see you on Saturday! Fingers crossed!


Wow - a whole sweater out of the Malabrigo. Pure decadence! Happy Valentine's Day to you too. :)

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