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Friday, February 10, 2006



I love the little hats. I had premmie twins 3 years ago. My little girl did not survive but my little boy did. He is the Liam on my blog!!! You wouldn't believe he wasn't even a kilo when he was born. It is my honourable opinion that these hats save lives. They are so tiny and precious - thankyou. We're in Australia but I'm sure the people you donate them to appreciate them just as much.

Give the puppies a kiss and a hug for me.

My prayers are with you.



So sorry you won't be there. My Sheba had Giardia when we got her at the shelter. She was an unhappy camper for a week or so, but recovered reasonably quickly. Lamb & rice food helped.

Hang in there.


so sorry you won't be at SPA...maybe our paths will cross at the NH Sheep and Wool in May? Hope all the canine members of your family are better...those puppies are just yummy. My dog is always on her back (and she is 6 years going on 6 months (behaivor wise). Gotta love those herding breeds.


Sorry you had such a grotty week, but I'm glad they're all on the mend now. I think looking after pups is worse than children at least you can keep them relatively "under control." There's no chance with animals is there, I hope this week is less ummm...messy for you ;)


Wonderful puppies; hope all dogs are better soon.

And those rovings... Oh, my. Gorgeous as usual. I'm still working on my Black Cherry. I should have the first ounce finally spun by the end of the week. It's spinning up beautifully, very easy to spin thin.


Hope things are on the mend for you AND the rest of the 4-footed household!


Can I have the green ones????????? Rotten weeks suck- and sick 4 legged babies are hard- they can't tell you what hurts and what would feel good. Sorry you couldn't go to your show- but on the more selfish side...I'm heading straight to your roving site w/ a big grin on my face! Hope this week goes better for you (bet you're snowed in, too) and have you ever done MD Sheep & Wool?


Honey, I'm so sorry. I was looking forward to seeing you...and not just for the fiber.

Take care. Hope all the little ones are feeling better.

Spinner Gal

I'm so sorry to hear about your horrid week. Praying that it starts to look up for you and that the pups all get better soon!

I just love all the colors in your dyed rovings!


Scary thing to have FOUR dogs get sick at once, especially with puppies in the house. Glad it's no worse and hope they recover fast. Sorry for your disappointment but I can see that staying home was the best choice in the circumstances.


Oh I am so sorry to hear about your disappointments. I hope everyone recovers fast. Your Preemie hat is great, I knitted a couple for my nephew when he was born he weighed 4lbs. But their were super tiny babies at the neonatal unit he was in for a few days. I couldn't believe how the preemie hats just engulfed those teeny babies.

Your Puppies are soooo adorable. It is hard to be blue with such sweet things around.

I love the itty bitty Finland mittens too! I hope things get better in your world soon. Your angora looks super soft now I wish I knew how to spin. :)

Diane E.

Sorry to hear about your week. Feel better. Thanks so much for posting more puppy pics. I have to admit scanning back often to check for them. Love the premie hat!

Donna S.

Hang in there. Hopefully things will improve quickly. Next year for SPA for you.....


I will miss seeing you at spa but totally understand. The dogs come first of course. Besides, we'll always have the Frolic. LOL The puppies are adorable.




I love your hat and I love your plate. I love your puppies and I love your fluff!
(feeling the love yet??)
I love your wonderful gift and I love that you knit for preemies!
And you, of course! Feel better!

wool winder

I hope you are feeling better. The little hat turned out so cute. Love the FI mitten pin!


I'm so sorry that you won't be at Spa, and that the kids are sick. I'm glad the pups have been spared. They are growing so fast!


Oh my! I've had giardia from mountain streams. It's not fun or pretty...poor you! I do hope they are on the mend quickly. I heard dogs couldn't get giardia.


The hat is so darling and will be so appreciated. The pups are sooooo cute - makes you wanna just squeeze 'em!! I hope the sickness gets better soon. It's so rotten to miss the fiber thing when you've done so much to prepare for it. Thank goodness I can't touch that roving because I do NOT need something new to obsess about! The colors are really beautiful Kim. :)


Oh! And the hat is adorable!!


ugh. My stomach just sank when I started to read that. So sorry about your week, Kim. Thank God they'll be okay. And nothing cheers one up more than fat little puppy bellies. Thinking of you... have a good weekend.


I am sorry about your turn of events. I hope the doggies get feeling well really soon. Thank you for the cute pictures.


Umm..... You can't post pictures of orange roving when I'm busy with the knitting olympics, okay? And the puppies? As much as I know missing SPA is a disappointment, there are those of us who would love some time with those tiny folks.

Hang in there.


UGH - Giardia is no fun for anyone involved! (Ex-vet-tech here so I know how bad that is!)

But that puppy tummy must make up for a lot! I just want to leap through the screen and rub that cute belly.

Is there any way you can post puupy breath on the blog?? :)


I've never heard of Giarda, but if any of your dogs had to get it, I'm so glad it wasn't the new moms or the pups! I do entirely see your husband's point, though. Staying home with puppies is one thing, new puppies and sick adults is entirely another. And, the preemie cap? Speaking as a former-preemie myself, my Mom still tells stories about how very tiny I was before they let me come home. It might not seem possible, but it WILL fit!


I'm sorry you had such a crappy week........but the babies are beautiful.....chin up. Cyberhugs from Chicago!


Indeed crappy weeks are going around. Here's three cheers for a better week next week! I'm sorry your dogs are sick. :( What a bummer.

On a more positive note, what a cute little hat that you knitted for the Preemie Project. :)

I'm sitting here tonight and my own sick puppy is laying next to me... except mine is actually 6 and human. :) He's been home today with a 24 hour stomach bug and I've been home with the flu. Despite both of us feeling horrid, we've had the luxury of just cuddling all day long.

... anyway, what I'm getting at is that every time I see a knit for the preemie project, I feel all warm and fuzzy because it's such a great cause. My own son was born three months premature and weighed just 20ozs. at birth.

I know from experience that some parent... and preemie... will treasure that hat someday soon. God Bless you for contributing. :)


So sorry you're having a rough week. Bummer about SPA - was hoping to come and introduce my self (and stock up!) There is always next year. Hope the pups continue on the mend.


I'm sorry about the sickness and I'm especially sorry you won't be at SPA. We'll meet another time,I'm sure.


I'm sorry you won't be able to get to the fiber weekend - but hey, that means I can buy some!

I'll be hoping the pups stay healthy. Take care of yourself. I know that's hard with sick dogs - they sure know how to make us worry.


Oh, Kim, I'm so sorry. Crappy weeks must be going around.


listen I can more then relate to those doggies have the trotts from the cysts....
I am so sorry
I am also sending tons of sympathy to you
feel better so you can enjoy them babies
I know they make me feel better when I come here



The little guy on his back has the right idea, nice full belly, comfy spot, good nap - ah, what a life! :)
I hope therest of the dogs are okay.

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