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Monday, February 06, 2006


Cindy D

What a post!!! Hats and Fiber and puppies!!! Oh my!

julia fc

Busy busy busy. I can't wait to see you!


A house full of puppies! Things should get REALLY interesting in the next few weeks! Sorry you lost one- my daughter is still mourning the one bunny who didn't make it from the "accidental" litter, it is very sad. I think I need that roving, too...


Lovely puppies! Sorry that you lost the one. :( Hopefully all will be well from now on. Nice handwork you're doing there. Real pretty. :-)

Donna S.

Try to get some rest girl!! Love the puppies!! Awe!!


I am sorry you lost the one....but better now...not later when you have gotten to know and love them so very much

wow....paint my room violet
and cream.......I am moving in with the pups

waiting on kid goaties and sheepie lambs

The Scottish Lamb

Where to start... Sorry you weren't well and that one of the pups didn't make it. That's gotta be so hard.
Can't wait to watch them all grow up! What fun.
Way to go on the preemie hat! Very cute!


WOW!! The babies are beautiful. So much for balance, right Kim? The new batch of wool is gorgeous as well as everything else.


Oh my goodness, the puppies are so cute. I bet it's a lot of work to keep an eye on them, but so worth it.

Your site always has the best pictures!!! Thank you so much for sharing so much of your wonderful life.



I'd never get any work done with so much cuteness to play with!


HI! We (+my girls) enjoy here tremendously your puppy pictures. We wish them all well and hope that you keep us posted so that we can see them grow. They are so cute.


You know I love the puppy pictures! I'm sorry you were feeling so dreadful when your nurturing was needed for the births.

I have to add you to the list of color geniuses! Exquisite dyepot results.


Those babies are all so beautiful. What a wonderful and exciting week you've had! I'm so sorry that you lost one, but the 7 you have are adorable


I, too, wanted to knit that hat for a friend going thru chemo, but after trying just a few rows, I decided that she may need to learn how to knit if she really wanted it! I used the yarn for another hat, so nothing wasted, but I really did love the way that hat looks. Good job!


I'd like to comment on how nice your yarns and knitting are but I can't because you posted gorgeous puppy pics! I love puppies!


How cute those puppies are! Wish you could bring them to SPA too. I suppose I'll have to content myself with rovings.


Can I spend a whole comment just gushing about that trio of gorgeous redheads?? So beautiful!!

The yarn is nice too but nothing compares with puupy pics. :)


Kim, I LOVE the new rovings... you really are trying to tempt me into going to Spa, aren't you?
Ashley's hat is so pretty!


BEAUTIFUL new color! I hope it provides the needed mid-winter respite.


So how many of those pups are you planning on keeping? You'll have a hard time letting them go.


Breeze's babies are sooooo cute. And I love the new bright colors. I think we all go through some SAD at this time of year. Good luck with your preemie project goal - at least your lack of sleep will have a wonderful upside!


A house full of babies! Just so cute to see all sweet and cuddly. Hope they give you some time to rest.
Your new color choices look happy! The hat looks very good, too. Don't be too hard on yourself. It will be a very nice gift!


I am just falling in love with those babies! Someday, when you have time, could you tell me about the characteristic personality of these spaniels? I love our dachshunds, but a milder, gentle personality in our future is something we think about.........although, we'll probably always have to have at least one of the little stubby guys around, just to keep us on our toes....


Awwwwww, more pups! I don't know if you've ever checked out cuteoverload.com , but they just featured a CKC pup this weekend!


The puppies are so sweet! And you've been awfully busy with fibery/knitterly things for someone who's been tending puppy births while sick!


Oh, you're very welcome, dear heart. My goodness, with all that birthing going on around there, I am sure you could use a boost. I hope you like the peppermint bark -- it is my absolute favorite.

wool winder

Wow, you certainly have been busy! I'm not even sure where to start with my comments. The easy way to sum it up is to say that everything you are working on is beautiful, because it is. Thanks so much for making a hat for The Preemie Project. You know I have a soft spot for the little babies...it means so much to me that you have taken time to help out. And, of course I love seeing the new puppies.

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