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Tuesday, January 31, 2006



ok, paint my room violet and cream.....I am coming to live by you...
puppies, bunnies a loom..... wheels
and new spindles?


Diane E.

I have a loom to be dusted off. I love to buy the handwoven items offered by the woman at the NYS&W. I should really weave some myself. Love the puppy pictures. Been thinking of adding to the family , as I've mentioned in past posts. Hoping the second litter goes easy.

Donna S.

WE are having a mild winter. Allison was a great inspiration. Do you sell your towels or anything you weave?


Can I come share your snow? It's been such a warm winter here (which is kinda nice too- I figure if its not going to snow it might as well be pleasant...) Off to check out Allison's story.


What towels are you planning to put on the loom? You can never have too many handwoven towels. I like to wrap homemade goodies with them for a quick present. (well, it's quick if the towels are already woven up!)


The puppies are adorable, everyone at work loves them. One girl I work with is looking to get another for her little ruby colored to be pals.

Lee Ann

Good luck with the spindling...once you figure out which hand is more comfortable, it won't be long before you're actually getting relaxation out of it. Trust me :-)


If I can do it so can you;-) However I haven't really 'done it' yet. The spindle will surely give you good spinning karma.
The puppies are darling!!

wool winder

I look forward to hearing more about your weaving adventures. Sounds like something I would enjoy, though I don't know much about it. I once bought a small woven throw rug from an Amish weaver, so much nicer than a mass produced one.


Thanks for the link to Allison's story - very inspiring. Also, for the puppy pictures, and congratulations to little Bliss -


Living in southern Louisiana I miss winter in the biggest way -- thanks for the lovely apres-snow storm picture!


I second Cassie. If you have yet to try spindling with your other hand, you should give it a chance.


I love that spot on top of boy #1's head.

And I'll stay in the "Unable to spin with a spindle" group. Way, way, way too frustrating.

Mary Beth

Thanks for the winter picture - all this warm weather is so weird! Congrats on the new babes.


I also draft with my left hand when spindling. I love working with a supported spindle, not so much with a drop.

The puppies look charming; Bliss must be proud! Hope all goes well with the next litter.


The right spindle for you makes a difference (for me, it's the Bosworth minis). I too struggled with spindling and would have ignored it completely were it not for the lovely spindles calling to me. I have now managed to spin one full spindle's worth and have another one about half full.

Love the puppy collage! Are boys 1 and 3 tri color?


I had to come back and leave another comment after reading Allison's story. I'm sitting here, crying, and amazed at how positive and happy Allison was in her emails, even with her debilitating illness. I guess we all need to think of 3 good things that happen every day. If Allison could find them than I know we all can, too.


Great puppy photos. And you will conquer spindle spinning, I'm sure. Especially with the incentive of having Allison's spindle.


Thanks for the link to Allison's story. Her attitude is inspiring. So many of us complain when we have so many gifts to be thankful for.

That is the BEST puppy picture(s). Can't wait til they open their eyes. I'm looking at your snow, feeling bittersweet feelings about it. Wah.


When I spindle, I draft with my left hand, and I'm right handed! Do it whichever way feels right, spindles are ambidextrous. Your new Hatchtown is beautiful, and the cause was well worth another try at spindling (they were all sold out when I finally looked, waaaa!).

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