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Thursday, January 05, 2006


Lee Ann

Perfect, perfect red. I speak from experience :-)


omg, that is too funny! when my dd was about 12, i was using that teeth whitening stuff that comes in syringes. one day she came to me, very serious, she found the syringes in my drawer and was worried that i was using drugs ;-0


Funny story! The roving is spectacular...makes me wish I could spin!

julia fc

South Park is the only show that I agree with my Mom about. We both think it's hilarious. Otherwise, she basically believes that FoxNews is, uh, a news show, and I think it's a tragi-comedy.


He he, great South Parkie. I love your Red Bun Drops too. I need to arrange some of my fibre like that, then maybe I would remember I had it and start spinning some of it lol.


I'm a South Park idiot, although my brother often talked about the show. Still, I had to make a character!

Love the red, red buns!


LOVE those red drops!! So bright and cheery for winter!

I'm dying laughing about the Kill Kenny story. TOO funny! Glad he knew what it was about and didn't freak out!!

Spinner Gal

Love the story, and your red bun drops are beautiful.


Great South Park story! Love the buns, too! Thanks for the laugh......


The Red Bun Drops look good enough to eat!!
Great story about 'kill Kenny'. I didn't realize what that meant for awhile, either and was always upset by it. Then I saw South Park. It is a very funny show.


I love that they kill Kenny in every episode! Nice bun drops, dude.


Haha, very funny story! Hey, did you see that your "buns" are famous over at JenLa's knit blog awards?


The "kill Kenny" story is hysterical. And the red bun drops... if I wasn't in the midst of a reality check right now...


Red hat, red mittens, red bun drops. Perfect.

I've seen one SP episode...the skiing one. LOL.


We sat and made a whole family of them last night!


Hee. I LOVE HER. she's simply gorgeous. And I laugh because I remember all the flap about that show when it first came out, how subversive and unwholesome everyone (well, not EVERYONE) thought it was....and now here are us middle-aged ladies making little South Park characters of ourselves up!!! Hee. Darn, I should have put red mittens on my girl. I guess Dave, my personal stylist, thought the red hat was enough.


My SIL introduced us to South Park when my daughter was a baby. Cartman's "Son of a $#@^%" became my favorite swear. My daughter was an early talker (and its been 7 LONG years!) One day she tripped, and out of that sweet little toddler mouth came "Son of a $#@^%" with the perfect Cartman inflection!

Those red Bun Drops are GORGEOUS!

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