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Tuesday, January 10, 2006



Just Beautiful, Kim...isn't it nice to sometimes knit something a bit mindless after you've been into lace?
You've been a busy girl!


i know i am late posting on this but the new dog is a cutie...did i see you are vending at SPA in february? i will be sure to introduce myself again and maybe this time i will actually buy a something. (at least the ted williams tunnel is better than the old sumner...

wool winder

I have yarn for River. I think yours turned out very pretty. From your comments, it sounds like I should try Birch instead.


I love your choice of yarn for your Clapotis. I was very tempted to knit one myself, when everyone else was knitting one, but was worried that the dropped stitch would snag when I wore it. I was *definitely* one for runs in my nylons when I was young.


Absolutely beautiful colors used. I'm in awe.


Absolutely beautiful colors used. I'm in awe.


Beautiful River - Beautiful Clapotis - and I REALLY know what you mean about pulling the runs in your tights as a child. It just made my mother CRAZY that I'd go to school with a new pair of tights and come home wearing shreds. She somehow never understood how much I loved making that line run down my leg when I just barely pulled on it. :)


River really is beautiful, what a great photo of it too. I started clapotis last year and then lost steam and never finished it. Maybe I should pick it back up again.


Wow, you've been busy. River is gorgeous and I love the Clapotis and bunny yarn. Both are lovely!


oooohhh, that Rainbow clap yarn is beauteous! It' going to be lovely. Mine was painfully boring, but I love to wear it.


Amazing how different that 'berry' skein looks from one photo to another - reds are so hard to photograph. River is beautiful, even if it wasn't your favorite process-knit. I'm sure it will be lovely to wear.


It looks beautiful. Clapotis is one of those patterns I keep thinking about, but then deciding, "no," until I see someone else's and think "Maybe," again . . . a viscious circle! Yours really does look lovely. Hmm . . .


River is beautiful and so is the bunny yarn. I hate when my pics don't reveal the true colors of my yarn and fiber!


Claptis was fun just because of the ripping;-)
Love the color your using. River is beautiful. It's the same pattern all over that is inbetween sections of my Seaweed. I can see it wouldn't be veru interesting to knit but it sure is pretty. Wear it well;-)


I've been admiring the yarn that Over the Rainbow sells; looks lovely knitted up. I have the same problems with getting colors right in pictures; and then you have the thing where they don't show up the same on different monitors, so what do you do!


I love the colors of both Clapotis and the berry yarn...that's my kind of pink.
The River stole is beautiful and I'm sure you'll really enjoy wearing it. :)

Mary Beth

All such lovely, soothing knits! It's nice to relax and make scarves from such gorgeous yarns!


Like others, I am also starting my first clapotis! I got some wonderful glitter alpaca that is perfect for it. I will post pics as soon as I get my durn camera back from the repair shop!!

Trish B.

spooky...eerie...yeah! Love your colors. I just started my third Clapotis today. Did a scarf last winter, a shawl last summer/fall and am doing another scarf now. I would have been finished with my Birch, but am waiting for ball #4 to show up-for some reason I knit this very loosely-but it still looks great.


oooooh, purdy clapotis. hey me too, i just started a clapotis. but i'm wasn't very excited about until i saw yours. now i will have at it again after being re-inspired by you!

Felicia from sweetgeorgia

I had the same feeling when knitting River -- but I wear it nearly every day now. So I guess it was all worth it! BTW, your Clapotis is beautiful!


Clappy is definitely a siren call, I can see that. Interestingly different color pictures for the yarn. Sometimes the picture is better than the reality, and it's hard to decide which to post!


That dropping stitches part of Clapotis definitely has a bit of siren call to it, if for no other reason than learning the technique.


Your pictures today are really lovely.


boy, this is spooky -------I, too, am starting a Clapotis, albeit a year behind. And I agree with you on the process of knitting the River, as opposed to Birch. I'm finishing Birch, and it is SO much more pleasant to knit than the River......love the colors in your Clapotis!


Hehe, I thought I was super late on the Clapotis bandwagon. Oh well, sometimes you just gotta wait until the pattern/yarn "calls" for it. It's looking great so far! Dropping stitches is such a mini-thrill.

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