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Monday, January 02, 2006



I think I'd travel anywhere to have a little pair of eyes that looked at me so adoringly. I can see your halo glowing from here as you crack on with your WIPS. You are a good girl, give yourself a pat on the back.

Lizzy B

Oh Kim, as always, you are eloquent and engaging. Eddy is a cutie and I'm sure that not only was he worth the trip, he will be a stunner in the show ring.

May good fortune smile on you and yours this year.


Your Eddy is adorable!! and I love your previous CKC addition also! When we went out to the Midwest last May I slept as we bypassed Boston and woke to greet the sun as we drove through the Berkshires. Most times, if I am able, I 'insist' our route take us through northern NH and Vermount. I dread to bypass Boston; let alone go into the city. To my mind, it's safer in the hills. :-)


did Eddy make the long journey by himself? I'm sure he was glad to get out and run around after meeting up with you!

(is it awful to say that I'm glad the pointy toed socks are fixed? they were a tad bit scary to me... as for your other fixes, I hope they are quick and painless and I thank you for sharing them because it makes me feel not so bad about similar mistakes.)


River looks gorgeous. And the little Angel.... how in the world can you get anything done with those puppy eyes looking at you all day??


What a beautiful boy! I'm terrified of driving in Boston; did it once long ago and have never ventured that direction again! Glad you made it home safely with such a terrific new friend!


Aww what a handsome young man!! And at my house all mistakes are accidental. :)

Diane E.

Love the face on Eddy. Hope to get a CKC some day. I've had the same troubles with my knitting lately, can't seenm to get anything done. Doesn't help having kids home today as a snowday.Don't like tunnels either. Hang in there...Come by for a visit?!


Ooh, very clever with the use of adjectives to meet the "A" requirement. I like it. I think I'll use the idea. Come to think of it, adjective starts with an "A" too...


Eddy is too cute. Any plans to knit him a sweater?


What a gorgeous little puppy face! Well worth the (harrowing!) trip through various Boston tunnels, I am sure!


Me too on the tunnel thing. How auspicious for the little guy to come at the first of the year. Your perseverance in completing past projects will be worth it in the end. A new project will be the perfect reward.


Considering your comments on fitness, I thought you might like to read this article from the magazine that my health club puts out. It's really good, about maintaining health and fitness at ANY age.


Oh my goodness, that face........Eddy is adorable!!!
I screwed up on the River too...had to frog a few times before I got it right. Seemed so simple; maybe too simple.....or perhaps I was just simple-minded....;)


You're a brave soul for doing all that tunnelling, but the end result was clearly worth it. I've lost count of how many adorable pups you have now. :)


Oh, Kim, ANOTHER sweetie! How do you keep it all together?! I am always horribly fearful of the idea of shipping pets through the cargo hold of planes. How do you dare?


What a pretty face - you do come up with some real beauties in the dog world! Hope the knitting starts flowing for you!


Oh, he's adorable! He has such soulful little eyes :)


Sorry about the Boston mess but Eddy is adorable! Happy New Year, Kim!


It once took me 2 1/2 hours to get to a restaurant near the Aquarium...there was a branch point that took me onto I93 completely against my will, and into the Callahan Tunnel, all in the middle of rush hour traffic. I knew then that I did not have any form of aneurysm, because nothing had burst by the end of this trial.


After all that tunnelling, I'm so glad you have that sweet face to look into. He's really got a soulful look in his eyes.

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