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Saturday, December 17, 2005



That bunny looks happy to be 'enlightened' ;o)


I just had to tell you that reading your posts always makes me sigh and smile. You are living the life. Clipping bunnies and making gorgeous roving, whipping up delicious soaps and handcreams, dogs romping everywhere. It all sounds so soothing. ~sigh~


I would so much rather receive soap than cookies ... and yet, unimaginatively, I always give cookies. Another great idea from you ... you are a daily inspiration. Merry Christmas to you!


Happy Holidays Kim! Love the bunny and dog pictures and seeing that fluff makes me think of getting the spinning wheel out from under and use it right after the holidays!!



As usual, your posts always make me smile when I see the dogs or the rabbits. What you doing with the handcream, soap and fibres looks yummy too. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..:)

kathy b

OH you make me want to raise some bunnies. Another time in this life, I hope! I want to check out your yarns now.


Thanks for your comment about sending cards. I try to remember that posting them the week before Christmas is probably much more traditional - not last-minute, at all!


I showed the before and after bunny pics to my daughter, and she liked the "after" pics the best. Considering that she's not addicted to bunnycrack like some people (which would make a shorn bunny = more stuff to spin), I'm still trying to figure that out. Hmmm....


It is such a wonderful life! The romping post cut bunnies makes for a wonderful picture. Happy holidays!


Your bunnies are so very sweet, and they look so vulnerable after being shorn. Do you also spin,or do you sell the fleece? What great fun you are having this season.


I'm gearing up to start some shearing myself. And now that special orders are out of the way I'm thinking about dye pots too. There are SOME nice things about winter!


Oh, how nice to see Puff Dandy! I ended up not keeping any from that litter so I especially enjoy following Puff Dandy's progress. Nice dye job!


And I thought I had been keeping busy. ;)
I love the idea of a bunny romping in the kitchen...so cute. And I *love* those colors you just dyed...perfect for brightening up winter!


Looks like your pups like the snow much more than ours.......love the bunny shots, and I can almost smell the cookies. Have a great sunday!


Oh, Puff is too cute! So are the doggies romping in the snow! :)
You know, the soaps and hand cream look kind of yummy. haha! Do you think you'll have any of the handcream after Christmas? My poor cracked fingers need it and my bank account needs to wait until the week after. (save me one, okay? )

Spinner Gal

Your soap looks so yummy!!!

What a sweet looking bunny you have and she has such a beautiful coat. Love they dye colors!


Yum .... better than cookies! Bunny-girl is adorable. I love the name - Puff Dandy. Reminds me of Puff Daddy. Does she do rap, also?


Puff looks like she's all covered in shampoo after her clip. She is such a beautiful creature.


Your bunnies are so cute! I'm looking forward to spinning some of their fur.


What no edible, chocolate flavoured soap? What are you thinking of????


We've lost all our snow the past couple of days. Pearl would rather have the white stuff your pups have than cold, hard mud.

Wouldn't it be nice if Bloglines could see us all again?


What a cute little one. I can imagine what a good laugh you must get watching her try to check things out. I'm also trying to imagine the smell of your lotions and soaps...so good!

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