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Tuesday, November 29, 2005



Wow! Elspeth looks very at home. Love the first picture & I'm glad she arrived with her poise intact.

Thanks for the comment about the Xmas pud hats. Glad you like them.


Your new england socks and your square for the afghan are both outstandingly beautiful!! What fun they both must be to knit!

julia fc

I love Jane. I want to be her friend. Nice purchase. And the spinning . . .oh the spinning! you have my eye for colour, babe.


That is such beautiful yarn! The color is fantastic. A Robin? *sigh* A Robin.


Yeah! You are coming to my home city. I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. The weather is going to be great for this time of year and the rain isn't coming until the weekend. Have fun.



I thought that face looked familiar! So glad E.E. found herself such a lovely new home. And you WILL get caught up on Bloglines. . . I agree with Beth, just be sparing with the comments.


I'm with you, that paprika yarn is gorgeous, it will be beautiful vest. I'm actually pretty amazed at all that you get done considering the many different talents you possess. The blog surfing thing, I have to limit myself to a certain number of regulars and then when there isn't a lot of activity with them and I have time, I allow myself to look beyond and visit new ones. There are just so many people one can know and still feel familiar, I think. Otherwise, I'd make myself crazy and never get anything done.


Oh, welcome Elspeth! There's no surprise here: I loooooove the color of your new handspun, too! Have a good time in Atlanta! How's the new pup?

Teresa C

The doll is lovely! So is the spinning, great color.


Glad you got some spinning time. The color is gorgeous!


Bloglines is like a ball and chain, you want to go see but the list is like being given homework. And the temptation! You see so many wonderful things that you have to have, it can seriously damage your wealth!


ha ha! I got caught up after my trip. The trick is not to forgo the blogs altogether but being spare with the comments (since catching up on hundreds of updates is a crisis situation).

Thanks for the Robin link - those are VERY pretty. I'm not getting another wheel, but it's fun to dream.


I love seeing her little dolls. How fun that Elsbeth came to live with you!


Give it up and get some knitting done. The nice thing about reading blogs is that if you miss a couple of entries, you're really not all that far behind (like soap operas ;) ). I realized that I was spending too much of my free time reading blogs, and had to do some major thinning of my Bloglines list. It's painful, but I know I can always "check in" occasionally the old-fashioned way. :)
Love the paprika!!

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