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Thursday, November 10, 2005



"Molly" is beautiful. I love the patterns in that book. I'm glad to hear that your daughter is doing well; she'll be in my thoughts.

Cindy D

Glad to hear your daughter is doing well!


That is so cute Kim. I look forward to seeing it on the "little princess" someday.
Glad you're daughters surgery went well.


Really pleased everything went ok. I bought the book so I could knit this for my little niece!


i am so late catching up on my bloglines posts - so i wasn't around to send good blessings to your daughter. nonetheless i am happy that she pulled through and that everything is ok.

 Lee Ann

It should not surprise you that I love the red :-)

And I got the red Bundrops. Ohhhhhhhhhh. LOVE them. Thank you thank you thank you!

And Rosewood Geranium is my new favourite alternative to Lavender, which will always be my first favourite. My husband even likes it...great stuff!


Well done Mom! That is simply adorable. Love the flower detail too. Very fashionable!

Very happy for your daughter and your family that the surgery went well. Hope she's on her feet soon and getting to be just a plain ol' kid.

julia fc

I'm glad your daughter is doing well. It doesn't seem fair so soon after your father in law for you to be wringing your hands again. What a lovely sweater: you are a machine! It seems like you just dyed the fleece for that yesterday. That's a red handspun hug if ever I saw one. Is your granddaughter your oldest's?


That's beautiful! I can feel the softness of the yarn, just by looking.


Beautiful, bright and cheery sweater. Very fun!

Continued good thoughts for your daughter.


I'm behind on blog reading, so I am reading about your daughter after the fact. I am sending positive thoughts for her through the questions and answers.

Molly looks smashing!


Gorgeous as usual, Kim. And I'm sending good thoughts your way for your daughter.


It's perfect! What fun.

Mary Beth

I am so sorry I missed the post about your daughter. How frightening for you all! Glad to hear she is doing better. The bolero is so charming and cheerful, and looks like knitting perfection!


How scary for you all to have your daughter need heart surgery - minor or otherwise. I'm so glad that she came through it without ill effects and I hope you get the answers you must be so desperate for at the moment.

The bolero is adorable!


It is great to hear that your daughter is ok.

The bolero looks awesome.


That's adorable - and the flower is the perfect touch.


So glad to read that your daughter is doing well -- best wishes for a speedy recovery. Molly is so cute!


I missed the previous post about your daughter, but just read it now. I hope she is alright. She will definitely be in my thoughts.

The little red sweater/cardigan is so beautiful. I adore knits like that.

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