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Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I love Koigu.

I don't do so well witht the flylady. I've tried it twice and I wanted to kill her within about 2 days. All those nagging emails! I'm busy, I'm trying to work and be a mom and have a life, quit picking on me! I don't have TIME to put things away right now, it would mean building closets or something, and I'm on a tight deadline with this publisher! LOL I know that's not how we're supposed to react.


Pretty Koigu colors. I have a few skeins of Koigu and I totally understand why a lot of people are addicted to it.


So, is there a FLYknitters Yahoo! group or anything out there? :D Maybe there should be!

Lizzy B

That Koigu sock looks beautiful!

Good luck with your Flylady mode. I hope it works for you!


Hi! I just found your blog and I love the loom picture. We are looking into getting a loom for my daughter, Fiona, and when we saw the photo we thought it looked really cool. What kind of setup is it?


I'm afraid my sink hasn't ever shined. (And at the moment, I'm not wearing shoes either!)


Ditto what Kim said about flylady. The best of intentions...then I get to my study, sit in front of the computer, and two hours are gone. Just like today.


I keep trying to do 'flylady' but am having a hard time just doing it. How sad is THAT?? It's such a great idea and I can tell it works if I would just do IT. Hrrmmmp. I think you're onto something good to have nice holidays!! Keep up the good work.


Great way to go. Koigu is a perfect yarn for the pattern. You're going to love them!


Flylady . . . she and I have a back-and-forth relationship. She gives me hope and direction, until I pick up my needles or a really good book. Then my sink don't shine and the dust bunnies are big enough to spin. Good luck to you, and hope your house is a calm and lovely place -- clean or not!


The New England sock is looking great! One of the things that gets me about yarn subs is that, although you can get gauge with many different yarns, often the right effect is best acheived with something identical or close to the original yarn used in the pattern.

And perfectionism? It's only a bad thing when it keeps you in bondage, unable to finish anything. As long as it doesn't paralyze you, there's nothing wrong with trying to do your best. At least I think so.

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