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Friday, September 16, 2005


Cindy D

I'm a fan of using zero's on Opal. I love a tight gauge and feel that it makes for a longer wearing sock.Of course,you should know that i'm a loose knitter. Do a swatch if you are not sure.


Look at all those different answers! Now that's really got you going hasn't it? ;)

julia fc

Kim Kim Kim. You know you won't be happy with the stitches on 2's. Do the ones. No question. Don't listen to those people, they're LA-zeee.


I think you would be fine with the 2's, and done a lot faster, too!


Nice socks and so artfully displayed! :)


What a surprise to see your Old Shale socks finished. They look great. Hope you enjoy wearing them.

I've knit a lot of Opal, but never the Opal silk. The few Opals I knit on 2s blossomed and are OK, but the also stretched out when washed.

Most of my Opals are knit on 1s, which gives a very nice fabric and wears forever. With the silk content, I would definitely use the 1s.


Hmm. I always do opal on 1's and 72. Of course, with the doktorfisch socks, it was too wide. Go figure. Just when you think you have things figured out!
Is that koigu? KOIGU SOCKS? I drool.
Love all your opal! Enjoy them. And I hate to say it, but swatch.


hi darlink.... did you miss me?
I am glad that you doggie had the worm removed before any real trouble.
We are talking more seriously about a dog. ( we've had some robberies in the neighborhood, and Bernie works 1.5 hours away)
I hope you missed me, I did so miss you.....I come here to be soothed!


I used 1's on another self patterning sock yarn and it changed the pattern. Next to socks knit on 2's it was a different yarn. I'm using 2's on my current Opal wip.


Oh no! You're a Princess and the pea! I would use 1's and 72 because you want them to wear forever;-)


I had originaly thought I'd knit my Opals on size 1.5 but since they were in use, I used my 2's. And after washing, they were perfect. The yarn blossomed a bit in washing. I do so love them. Have my second pair on the needles, also on 2, because it did work so well the first time.

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