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Monday, September 19, 2005



I found Brittany 1.5s at the Fold in Marengo, IL. I had the same response. Gotta have, never saw them anywhere. She will ship, has a website.


I'm trying to switch my thinking over to metric. And I can (almost) always count on my 2.5mm Addis to work for me on the Opals.

So the silk is wonderful, eh?

Big Congrats on the new CH, BTW. I know what a big accomplishment that is. Yea!


I have never seen 1.5 needles. I tend to make my socks on size 2. Maybe I should do some sampling myself. I love the color of the Opal.

Liz in nowhere PA

I love my 1.5s. Brittany makes them in the 5 or 6 inch length. I broke one and they said that they would send me a replacement. It took a month to get them. At the two week point, (twitching madly) I got a package of bamboo skewers and started sticking them through my sizer until I found six or seven. In the same package of skewers I found some 1s, 2s, and 3s. It might take 20 minutes from start to finish to size, trim and sand a set to knitting. Assuming you don't have a 4yo DS "helping" you.


I could really use some 1.5's. I'll have to find some! Lovely quote this morning, thank you for that!


GLad you're getting some cool weather! Oddly enough, we're having some unusually warm days here in the mountains of Virginia. Love all the socks!

And congratulations to Max!


Wow - I'm not sure I would have that kind of patience. I love the colors in the Opal (it is Opal, right??)!


I have both 1.5 and 2.5 needles (Crystal Palace bamboo). These two sizes can be difficult to find - in any brand - and some needle sizers don't include holes for them either! As for the feel of the stitches on the bottom of your foot, you can knit the sole in reverse stockinette so you don't have to walk on the "bumps." How are your bunnies enjoying the change of season?


I do use 1.5 needles often. I'm a tight knitter so they work well for me and they are perfect for Opal.


Precisely the reason I use metric sizes - 2.25 and 2.5mm are different sizes, and if you stick with the metric you'll always know what size you're talking about. Some needles companies use 2.5 for size 1 (Addi) and some use 2.25 for size one - and yes, there *is* a difference.

Good for you, swatching like that. I tend to call it casting on but if I have to rip, I change the name to "swatch". ;-))


Pretty sock! I don't think I've ever seen US #1.5 needles - but then, I haven't looked for that size either! Now lets hope we get treated to a long season of crisp fall air before the frigid stuff sets in!

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