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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


himcolin pills

I haven't been up to much recently, but whatever. I just don't have much to say lately. Basically nothing happening to speak of. So it goes. My mind is like a complete blank. Such is life.


A ruana. I have learned something new today. And I just love it! I cannot wait to see the finished item. On you, of course, menopausal or not!xox
Enjoy your time while the kids are at school. It goes by way too fast! The hours slip away and they are walking through the door again.


Sometimes I think, after I've done all I can for those in terrible trouble (which is far too little), all I can really accomplish is to make my work and space as peaceful as I can. Maybe, somehow, that helps, too.


ooooh!tell me more about that triangle loom... although I shouldn't be asking as I am supposedly downsizing the equipment and stash but your shawl looks cushy!


You and your blog are a real inspiration ... you do such amazing work. I never cried when school reconvened either!


I'm not one of them either! Fancy that. :) I can't believe how much more energy I have once they go back. More for them, more for me. The ruana is beautiful. I salute your patience!


I understand the scattered feeling as I am in the same place. I get comfort from knitting, but have a hard time settling on other tasks. I read knitting blogs very sporadically now, and can't seem to find sufficient words to post. It's hard to go about every day life when others are so displaced and grieving their loss of home, family and more. You're right though that we need to go on, for our suffering does not aleve their suffering. We must find a way to give what we can to help and go on, aware that they will need our prayers and help for a long time to come.

A handknitted ruanna has been on my to-do list for awhile. I think they are marvelous to throw on during those in-between weather times.

I miss my kiddo when she goes back to school, but I also enjoy the uninterrupted time to accomplish more.


I'm feeling scattered, too, and I appreciate friends like you do post. Every time I try, it turns into a rant.


Boy, am I with you on the scattered thing (also, unfortunately on the menopausal thing!). How can one focus when there's this big calamity going on?

I have been thinking about a ruana for ages now - it really does sound like a good idea :)


I imagine it is lovely in that chocolate mint - since I knit a version in that myself for a friend!


A ruana for your new little black dress! (I'm a trouble-maker, aren't I?)

The scarf looks yummy.

Mary Beth

Me too! Happy when they go back. Good for them/good for me! But the change can be unsettling and make us feel disoriented. Fiber adventures always help. :)


Lotus blossom scarf is so beautiful!

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