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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Paula Helm Murray

Here's a cup of WHINE. It is still over 80 at the freaking end of September here (Kansas City, MO). Its too dam hot. Apple sauce, chunky! When my folks had a farm AND before it got felled in an ice storm (it was an ancient tree standing alone where an old farmstead had been) had the best tart apples in the world.

Glad I found this blog! I'll be baack. (found via Making Light and a link to the felting with a sander....). Once I learned to make glass beads, the only fiber art I kept interest in was knitting. Sold all my other stuff off. And the bunnies are wonderful too!


It looks like you had so much fun! Probably just as good as the Common Ground Fair. :)


That looks like a perfect day! We have a few gold leaves drifting down from our trees already, and a nice chill in the air in the evening. Time to break out the wool sweaters!


Looks like you had a blast.. and apple pie yummy... is the pattern for that scarf going to be available on your blog too?? Me being from Canada, it would be quite the hike to get to the fair to get the pattern..lol


You may not have color in the trees as yet but that looks like a perfect fall day.


A day that's "all good" :) Boy, more than that you really can't ask!


Homesick. That's what I am. Autumn has to be my favorite season in New Hampshire. Oh how I wanna go home.... I think I'll make an apple pie tomorrow.


Ooo...... its Mr Woolen Rabbit! ;-)) Looks like a wonderful day - I love apple picking.


Oh, what a fun post! The big kid at heart is so cute. And of course, the girls are just adorable. Good luck at the fair!

Teresa C

Ooh, let me know if you come up with something wonderful for the apples. I am pretty limited with my one apple crisp recipe and we picked 20+ lbs yesterday. Eeek.


We went apple picking today too. Now, what to do with those 10 lbs. of apples! Don't you just love autumn in New England.


I miss going to the orchard with my family - those are some of my favorite childhood memories. :)

They're forcasting a low of 40 degrees late this next week. I can't wait!


Oh, there is simply NOTHING better than a day with the apples! ;-)


That looks to be an absolutely lovely day. I'll be watching to see what great new apple recipes you find. Apple sauce is wonderful in the morning or with meals the first few months..........

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