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Friday, September 09, 2005



I've been lucky not to have to deal with botfly in the critters for a long time. Kittens used to get them. We call them warbles down here; not sure why. But they're nasty! Glad the thing is gone and the girl is comfortable!


I chickened out on the link to the Botfly, but the scarf is splendid! My friend's Cav is due on Friday! Still hoping for four pups!


Just had to add you to the blogroll - but not because of the Botfly - I couldn't click the link - ewwwww...but because I just posted about trying to keep on track with all my projects....now that Leaves and Flowers looks nice - maybe I should start one of them :)


Ewwww is all I can say. Never heard of it, but glad to learn of it in the event.... can't. even. go. there. The shawl is awesome!!!


I've yet to visit Patternworks; I suppose I should add that to my list of "places to visit when going that way." This summer I travelled at night to avoid traffic, but now that tourist season is winding down I'll be able to head out during daylight hours...(I've never bought koigu before but from what I've heard that's the place to do it.) The shawl is a great idea!

I clicked on the link - does it actually embed in the skin/tissue of the animal? I'm glad it was caught by the groomer and hope that Maddie is doing okay.


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Eew. Ohhhhhhhh. I read a lot of strange blogs, rock blogs, "alternative lifestyle" blogs, exotic travel blogs, and more. I never thought I'd hit my limit for gross-outs with a knitting blog. I actually felt sick for a minute, and I didn't even click. I'll just go read about nipple piercing for a bit while my stomach settles.


Look at the self control I have... Not clicking on the link. No idea what the larvae looks like, not ever going to know what the larvae looks like. :)

I do, however, enjoy gawking at the Koigu. Amazing what you can make from just 2 little skeins.

Mary Beth



Never a dull moment with our fur babies, huh? I know I have personally handled double ewwwwww things with my dogs that I would have trouble doing for anyone else.

I'm convinced that Carissa is able to knit in her sleep - hee! It's amazing the amount she accomplishes. I might accomplish a little more if I weren't constantly READING about knitting - oops.


I'm just going to concentrate on the beautiful shawl;-)


Ewwww. Gagging....


And now she pulls quilts out of a hat.

The scarf is gorgeous. And I love the way you say, "when I passed Patternworks the other day". I'm moving to NH.


Gross. How distressing to know there are parasites out there I've never even heard about.

Now, back to the beautiful Leaves and Flowers shawl to help refocus my thoughts on lovely things.


That pink Koigu looks stunning. I love it.

I also love the colors in the little quilt, so pretty.

Larvae = OMG gross!

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