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Wednesday, September 28, 2005



*pout*....Took the quiz....But I don't want to be "dishcloth cotton"!!!!


Just found your site, and I want roving and hand cream and soap and the setters. Yay!


Going English? Looks like a great choice of breeder and breed to be working with. I'll be watching with interest!


I use dpns too to put my hair up - I have real hair pins to do this with but a dpn is what always what I have at hand when the need arises. One problem with this habit though is that very often I have to search high and low to find the last needle of a set and I know I've used it in my hair and set it down someplace odd. Love the shawl by the way.


I do love The Elegant Ewe! I've yet to visit patternworks though.


You ARE truly Merino wool. You'll love Nancy's book. Fall is just the best time of year and you should have some color soon, right?


I love English setters. They can be very daft dogs though, but so good humoured. They have big, laughing faces I think :)


Well, Meredith is right next to Center Harbor, home of Patternworks. I hope you visited there as well.
My BIL and SIL have had English Setters for years and they are wonderful dogs.


No hot flushes here yet, but it's one sure way of knowing where I'm putting my sock needles whilst I make dinner! I missed your gorgeous shawl too, beautiful!


I think the stick looks very ecclectic!


I love Meredith N.H.! We went there for a short visit last year, and now I'm working on my husband to retire to New Hampshire, but he is afraid of the winters. I grew up in Wisconsin, so I love winter. I have 10 years to work on him....
Beautiful dogs! I'll look you up in 10 years and buy one of your puppies P-)


yikes, regal, not reagal ;-)


english setters are so reagal looking. love the hairstick :-)


I am Mohair???? (warm and fuzzy type) Gimme a break - I'm allergic to the stuff.

Setters are miles apart from Caveliers. I hope you get one! It will be so much fun to watch the learning curve. :) (Easy for me to say... Said the girl who's never shown a dog in conformation.)


OH! poor you, being close to patternworks! :) And Elegant Ewe! That is exactly the book I am pining for lately. Thumbs up?
You crack me up with needles in your hair! :) There is nothing worse than those hot flashes. Ask me how I know...
I've told you before, and I'll tell you again, I LOVE The bunny pics. Nordic star light (of the previous post) and his sis are too cute. Almost makes me want a bunny or two. Almost. Then I remember my one bunny experience. Have I told you?
He sprayed. Everyone. And everything. ICK. It was icky. We got him from someone who he sprayed. But he only sprayed her so she thought if someone else took him it would stop.Um. No. He then did it all the time. To everyone. And everything. All day. Every day.
Ick. I had a raincoat to wear while feeling and cleaning up after him.
So, I'll be content to see your adorable pictures!

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