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Wednesday, August 24, 2005



Very well said re hoarding. As you know from my swatch post I'm trying to manage that little acquisition devil on my shoulder.

I like your quotes each day. And of course the bunnies are too cute.

Take care.


OH........ BUNNIES!
I need to see little bunnies this week, thank you so much, they sooth my soul.

I have not been able to watch the disaster in NO. I know fully well what is going on down there.....
so for one short period of time I can come here and see good news......and bunnies!
thank you so much
you have no idea how much that means to me
who isn't all here or there right now


you got molds with liners!!!!!!!!
your soap making life will never be the same....
I haven't tried the BB molds so I couldn't recommend them but I am thrilled that you got mold/liners
doing the freezer paper thing makes you nuts and take too much time for a commercial endevor.......
I am so happy for you...
NO more fustration.....just soap making fun!!!


this was a timely post for me to read; I seem to jump into hord mode when things get too busy and now things are busier then they've been in weeks. I needed the reminder that it's okay to enjoy what I have instead of "needing" to visit additional shops for more yarn. thank you!

I love the pictures of the bunnies - and my only thought is that I wish I lived closer so that, on occasion, I could join Courtney in the barn with the rabbits!

Lois Brooks

Cutest bunnies ever! I'm trying to control my urge to buy. I sit here at work with nothing to do and read blogs and find things I "have" to knit. Of course, Christmas is coming up and I have a lot planned and all, but do I really need to knit all that stuff? I've got so many projects going now it's ridiculous. I saw a program on 60 minutes this weekend about a Nomad tribe where the tsunami was and how they survived and how they live. They don't have the word "want" in their vocabular or the word "when" time and things mean nothing to them. Something we should all try to strive for (at least the want). Lois

Mary Beth

I saw that show too! We can all see some of that in ourselves...


it seems that there are many of us in the same place as you are. I must clean out and use what I have. I have bags of yarn to give to local charities. The massive amounts of crud in my garage are being tagged for a garage sale and if they dont sell it is going to charity. I am tired of every drawer and closet busting open with stuff!!

I love the rabbits and just want to cuddle up with them. So cute!!


Hey there - just sent you out a big envelope of patterns on Monday afternoon. They should be to ya shortly! Cute buns - but they always are when they from your barn!


Hi Kim!

Very pretty bunnies! Puff Dandy and Java are cute, but it was very nice to see Mischief's mom and know she's still alive and well.

Is she where Mischief got his character? His daughter, Abetzi, is my friendliest bunny; she must have gotten that from her grandma.


This is the exact path that I started down quite a few years ago. I knew nothing of the concept of "voluntary simplicity", but it turned out that it was a blueprint for how I wanted to live my life. By now, it seems so normal to me that I'm not into acquiring "stuff", but sometimes it's hard to not want something new when you see what everyone else has. I used to work with some really materialistic people, so it's good for me to not be in that kind of environment anymore.

In the yarn world, I don't tend to buy a lot, and what I do buy is usually earmarked for a certain project. It's the spinning that's killing me, though. I really enjoy it, but what to do with all these random small amounts of handspun? I'm thinking this year I'll start making squares out of my handspun and make a blanket.

I think you and Ken are both right. We do live in a throw-away society...with goods getting cheaper and cheaper (cost and materials), they don't last as long, and we know technology is always marching forward. Part of the problem is that newer things are much harder to fix than the old! But there is also that search for the high to keep life exciting.

Great post, Kim. And I love your bunnies...I know they're supposed to look funny with a haircut, but I think Java is the cutest thing ever.


I remember reading somewhere that a truly zen knitter would only have the yarn for the project she/he was currently working on. Doesn't that sound liberating? I am trying to use up my stash. Then, once you finish your project, you can buy something you love. And not have enough time to fall out of love!

Love the bun pics. I just sheared Madchen. She looks so silly and tiny!


Kim, it must be universal! There are so many people starting to realize the effects of "too much stuff". My goal is to only have what is a useful tool for my life. Thank you for your blog. Your buns are way too cute!


First - let me say - LOVE the bunnies! I love them, I want to snuggle up!
Second - you are right on with everything. There is so much stashing in so many ways in our world. I try really hard to limit what I buy to what I will use...it's hard, but I feel guilty everytime I look at the yarn packed away. I've learned to love giving stuff to others - it feels so good!


You really said it well, Kim. We are taught to comsume and constantly baraged with ads and things we 'need to have'. It's good to take stock and find out what our real needs are and what it is that speaks to us.
You have the cutest creatures anyway;-)


I'm in EXACTLY that same place. I'm going to try to focus on people rather than things, and am entering my Minimalist Phase. I'm cleaning out some closets and then going to set on the basement. Just before I clicked on your blog I stopped myself from place an order for yarn. For WHAT, I asked myself? And what about all that stuff in my stash that is waiting to be knit? So that's what I'm going to do, too. We'll have to come up with a button for this: The Minimalists or something.


I relate to the stuff theme, too, unfortunately!

Lovely to see Java looking so cheerful! Sweet how she and Puff Dandy are so 'attached' to each other! Butter has a beautiful face, too.

Lizzy B

Those bunnies are so precious! And that soap looks wonderful too!

You're right of course about the hoarding. That's why I got rid of a spinning wheel before I added another one. I'm fining myself giving away a fair bit of fiber these days too. Right now I am a bit consumed with fleeces. I am finding I like working with raw fleeces more than the rovings I started my spinning life with. Which reminds me, did you get my e-mail Kim?


The bunnies are adorable! Twinkie is moulting right now, and that's enough bunny hair for me ;)
I know what you mean about "stuff". We live in a tiny little 2 bedroom house, and there isn't room for any more stuff. I keep telling myself to Stop Buying Yarn!! I really should not buy any unless I'm going to knit it Right Now, because otherwise I stash it and then lose interest. As a society, we have too much - we don't know what it's like to have to go without. And it's probably a lesson we could all stand to learn.

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