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Wednesday, August 10, 2005



What a perfect post. I'll take a skein in every flower color, please!


I like both, but the one with distinct color changes appeals to me a bit more. It's more vibrant and would spin up into a brighter yarn (I think!). Would the blended fiber produce a muddier color?


I definitely prefer the blend on the right - but then that's just me - I usually prefer more subtle color blends. Both are lovely though. Looks like fun.


Those flowers are simply gorgeous! Breathtaking!


I love that particular Tao Te Ching translation. Thanks for reminding me about it!


Great quote, Kim. I think that may be one of my favorites. :)
I tend to like rovings that have definite color changes, which seem to make the yarn more interesting when plied. While the blended one is very pretty, I think as a yarn it would seem more grey, maybe muddy?

Great marigold pictures. Have you ever grown the Tangerine or Lemon Gems? They're so tiny and beautiful in a salad. I've always loved orange, and am looking forward to the cooler weather so I can start an orange cardigan.

Lizzy B

I admit I am experimenting with the same ideas right now Kim. What I have done is spin a small amount of each type, the unblended dyed rovings and the blended dyed rovings to see which I have liked better, and to be honest, I've been surprised so far at my results. In some cases the blended color roving ends up more vibrant and striking than the unblended. Sometimes it's the opposite. So, would you be willing to spin some of each to show us? I like both a lot but am drawn to the separated color due to my love of yellow. Yellow is my happy color, along with red and orange. :) Your flowers are stunning. The first one in the post took my breath away.


Both are lovely but I must prefer the separate colors.
Marigolds are a favorite here too.


I'm betting you get a fairly even split on your colorway question.... but as for me, I really like the blended version. :)


I like the subtle blend. Beautiful.

Trish B.

Lurker here via Claudia @ Countrywool. I vote for the subtle blend-reminds me of your other gorgeous blends. I like orange also-just bought some beautiful Bali orange-yellow batik to line a blue-violet bog coat. (of course I also like yellow, green and brown-child of the 60s/70s-Corelle Indian Summer is my 'china').


My taste goes to No. 2....the subtle blend. And oh, I love the marigolds. Yes, what is wrong with those orange-haters? ;-) To me, it's such a happy color that speaks "juicy" and "brain-stimulating."


I like the separated colors too. Thanks for asking. And I love those orange flowers. I did have a vile orange shag rug in my bedroom as a child and as a result loathed the color orange for many years, but I have since recovered.


I second Angela. Beautiful, something about that soft yellow blending in...


I like the separate colors better. There is something about the blue and yellow flowing into each other instead of just blending together. Eye catching. As for the color orange... I'm way too white to wear it (makes me look like a pumpkin), but I LOVE it. You aren't the only one. :o)

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