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Wednesday, August 17, 2005



ok first off that scarf is to die for.
second didja miss me?
and did you get the mold liners? I figured I would see them here if you'd gotten them.
and would you give mouseconnie a huge kiss from me......


The scarf is amazing! You and Anne have outdone yourselves. And you spun some lace-weight singles?! Wow.

Mary Beth

So beautiful! Great job, Kim!


That is STUNNING. Intermediate lace knitter, eh? Well, that sort of puts me out of the running. At least for now.

You are wonderful to put the scarf up for auction for Oliver. Fabulous. Take the cute button...have you seen it? I've got one on my blog.


Beautiful scarf and wonderful cause. I'm headed to the auction to make a bid immediately. :)


Great idea Kim! Let's make some money for Oliver! Anne's pattern is beautiful. Good luck with the web site!

Lizzy B

The scarf is GORGEOUS! And I love the hat! I agree, the muted roving is more practical and subtle. :) But that layered roving sure does pop! The lighter blue of its base is quite pretty!

But yes, the muted is more practical. I can see the other as really funky and cool socks though. :)


Ah but it's the entire effect with your yummy yarn that really puts it over the top! The hat is mighty cute as well. :)


The scarf is gorgeous, and how sweet of you to put it up for auction for Oliver.

Okay, maybe this is silly - but am I the only one in love with the hat too? Is the pattern published somewhere?


You and Anne make a great team! Good for both of you! That scarf is lovely. I like that hat, too. Is that your own pattern or is it available somewhere?


That scarf is absolutely lovely! Thanks for the bunny tips. She had some of her hair in the nesting box this a.m. and they seem to be doing ok!


Oh Kim, the new site is fabulous, but the scarf.....goodness how lovely!


Beautiful scarf, Kim.

I'm definitely on the boat with the more muted roving now. It was nice, though, to see them each spun and knitted up into that very cute hat.


The site looks very nice! And I want to buy the scarf pattern!


The scarf is gorgeous! The new site - WOW!!! I'm so impressed. :)


Wow, beautiful. I think I might have to make that one. MMMM.

Sorry I didn't call today. I didn't even get a chance to blog this, but we've had 2 out of 2 cars break down this week. We had to take the van to laconia to get fixed, so no trip to patternworks for me. Of course I also managed to leave your phone number at home, sorry!

We are going tomorrow--not sure exactly when but probably midday/early afternoon. I'll email you my MIL's phone number--call if you want to meet up.


I can't wait for the yarn and pattern to be available!!

muffy van der bear

beautiful scarf. will there be a kit? your yarn is so glowy and plush. count me in.

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