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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Marcie Anne Redford

I loved your story! and it wasn't boring at all. I grew-up in Portland OR with 6 cats growing-up, well when I was a teenager then I married at the age of 19, didn't work out after two years & 11 months, I had a daughter in 93.In 2000 I was pregnant wih my 2nd child, Matthew Dean who was born in Charleston SC. My mom & I have lived together for 10 years because of seizures I have had in the past. I was 30 when we moved to SC, I was 5 months pregnant & enjoying every minute of it til the last trimester because my left leg was hurting.

Your story was great, why would you think it's boring?


Yeah for Fall. I also can't wait for fall. This summer has been just too hot for me too. I can't wait for Rhinebeck. I have my airline ticket and B&B room booked.

Mouse is so cute. I saw a little CKCS by the name of Rosebud shopping with her new Mom when I was picking up dog food today. What sweet babies. I'm becoming very smitten with these sweeties. :)


Oh goody! There's Mouse. I was just thinking about her yesterday, and telling my sister about her. Looks like she gets an abundant amount of love in her new home. I know y'all must be glad to have her with you for a visit.


Oh, you are a good sport!! I enjoyed reading your answers - thanks for playing along! :)


How fun you get to see your pup again! And you have a place to stay if you want to visit Germany! We have plenty of room.


I agree with you about Autumn, it being my favorite time of the year as well. This summer has been especially hot and humid with no end in site. The only downside to Autumn is school is back in session and that is another set of headaches!!! Glad you got to visit with your Mouse. River's previous owner is always thrilled to see her (and is always pleased at how happy she is with us.) That roving looks tempting!


I love it! Wine as a "snack"! Kim, you crack me up with the polyester pants and stilettos. :D You are definitely *not* boring!
How fun to get a chance to hang out with little Mouse. (It would be hard to call her Connie...just doesn't have the same ring to it).


My little canine friend can holidays with her first mummy too. The only thing is now, my Dad has become so attached he wants her when we go away! Your meme has just reminded me I have two waiting to be done....big sigh!

claudia at countrywool

It will be WONDERFUL to see you at Rhinebeck!!!!!!


I'm still laughing about chocolate... wine... chocolate.... ice cream... wine. We really need to hang out some time.


It's so nice to see Mouse again! :)


I have nothing to say. Only a sound to make, and it goes like this: *chuckle, chuckle, chuckle*!!! ;-D

Diane E.

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I'll have to keep you on my favorites. I graduated from UNH and have spent alot of time in NH. Haven't been through Bartlett in a couple of years though, hope to make before summer ends. Have you heard of NH BOW on Squam Lake? I'll be attending this Sept.
We have a very low key border collie and hope some day to get a Cavalier.
Of course I'm a knitter and am looking forward to NyS&W too! In any case, I have the Birch Shawl fever and have received some Kid silk haze , but have not the PAttern! Can you help me? Where did you get the pattern and was it in the Interweave knits mag? Does anyone share or swap patterns?
Shawl stalled in CT,

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