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Thursday, July 28, 2005



Kim, I'm just catching up, I'm so sorry about the loss of Savvy's babies. I don't think a breeder who truly cares about her animals would ever just get used to something like that happening. I'm sorry for your loss.


Oh Kim, I am so sorry about the babies. Yes, it's part of life but a part we often wish was excluded. Hugs.


I was so saddened for you when I read your message. Having been there, I know the heartbreak and while there is always "next time," it doesn't change the fact that those little babies were in your hands and are now gone. Hugs to you!


I am so sorry to hear about the babies. I am sure that is never easy. Thanks for the kind words about Miss Peaches. We are on our way to the vets again in a few minutes. Knitting hugs to you!


That's just aweful about the bunny babies. I hope the next attempt goes better. The lily is lovely. Courage.


Oh, Kim, I am so sorry. Sad, sad, sad. It must be very hard for you. :-(


Oh, that's sad news, Kim. Take care.


I'm so sorry to hear about the babies. I don't think any of us will get used to losing young ones, or older ones either for that matter. They just pull at your heart.


I'm so sorry to hear about this. Poor little ones, and poor you to have to watch it develop and happen.

Take care. Thinking of you.


I'm so sorry. Those poor little things. I suspect this is par for the course with breeding, but it cannot be easy to cope with. Please remember your successes now. I have just been out to the hutch looking at two of your successes just this morning. The girls are doing wonderfully. Growing and thriving and making it through those hot days just fine. I love them. They are so beautiful and sweet tempered. They both come right to me and we touch noses every time we meet. I thank you again for my wonderful bunnies. I hope you'll remember all the positives of your work today. What you do brings joy and beauty to others. The beauty of your animals perfectly reflects the love and care that you shower upon them. I pray you find some peace in that.


Lizzy B

Oh Kim, I'm so sorry. Maybe next time Miss Savvy will do better. My thoughts are with you.


Hope Savvy gets her act together next time. Some of these first time mamas just don't get it. Hard on the babies, though, and on the breeder, when Mom just doesn't cooperate!


I'm sorry, Kim.

Cindy D

Raising animals always reminds us of the yin and yang of life.Perhaps that is why you've chosen to show us your beautiful lily.


I'm so sorry about the babies; I was also looking forward to watching them grow.


You must be broken hearted. I sure am. My heart goes out to you, Kim.

claudia at countrywool

Oh, Kim. I am so sorry things did not work out for this litter. Being a breeder means learning how to accept the losses and still go on. My condolences. Perhaps this doe needed this experience to grow through and next time will see a better outcome.


This is one of the things we just don't understand. I'm sorry for your loss.


Oh, I'm sorry. Bigh sigh.


Oh how sad. Sympathy.


Kim, I'm so sorry about the buns. Hopefully Savvy will figure it out next time, and you'll be blessed with a new litter of babies. Thinking of you.


I am so sorry to hear about your wee ones. Please know my thoughts are with you.



I'm so sorry :(


Oh, Kim, I am so sorry! It's so hard to understand, isn't it?


How very sad and hard when you wish so to save them.
That is one of the most beautiful colored lilies I've seen. I going to try to find it.


sadness overwhelms me in Texas. I was so looking forward to seeing the bunnies develop. The babies are in the arms of angels now being loved and cared for just as you were doing for them. Well wishes for your mourning soul.

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