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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Mary Beth

I always get a kick out of the new things I learn from you, Kim! Hope everything goes smoothly!


My thoughts are with you and mom...thank goodness we have our knitting during stressful times. You'll think of the doe and kits every time you wear Birch.


i'm running away to your house....
who can clean bunnies and doggies
and makes a pretty good soap if I do say so myself


Ahhh, I can fully empathize on your angst - having gone through it enough times! Parsley, especially combined with something else (raspberry leaves?? I'll go look it up) is supposed to be a labor inducer. Got my fingers crossed for a good outcome!!

Lizzy B

I hope she continues to not be in distress and that the kindling, when ever it chooses to happen, goes very smoothely. I'll be thinking about you!


My god, the faces on those dogs. Whew. I guess we now know how husbands feel...


I've had a few does go 35 days. Of course, I could have made an incorrect notation in the breeding book. I remember giving up on one doe and taking out her nest box. The next morning I was working with the cage below hers and straightened up to see her glaring at me over a huge mouthful of her feed hay. I dashed out, got a box for her and she kindled within half an hour!

claudia at countrywool

I can feel you pulling out your hair! Have yout tried to encourage labor? I find a dab of corn syrup placed on a doe's nose/paws, along wth a little exercise, can move things along.


You sound like such an over anxious mommy..:) No wonder the dogs look at you so worried. I'm pretty sure everything is ok? :) Your birch is turning out real well.


I too have been wondering about your rabbits. I hope she has them soon. I cant wait to see pictures. I am still spinning the wonderful bunny rovings that I bought from you and I LOVE them.

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