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Friday, July 29, 2005



That temptress kind of looks like she is being made in Lotus stitch. I am currently having a bit of a fuss with a shawl made in that stitch, so I may merely be hallucinating...


Haha! You got me. I came here expecting to see a finished birch, but I see sock yarn! And I think--she did the same thing I did--stuff birch in a bag and try not to think about her. And knit a sock. I bought sock yarn Saturday night and I've just started the afterthought heel on the first one. Wow, socks knit fast after you've been knocking your head against a birchy wall for a while.

But I suppose I will go back to birch eventually. No telling when, though. I think I'll be wearing a new pair of socks first. ;)


Lovely little temptress - it is stunning in that foofy soft yarn of yours!

Teresa C

I am sorry to hear about the babies. And thanks for your response to my comment.

I am assuming that Birch is finished by now. You can't give up with so little knitting left. FO next post?

Cindy D

Ahhhh the seduction of fiber!


what a creative post! ... glad you are faithful to birch, though I am partial to the stuff that tempted you away.


Yore cheatin' heart, will tell on you....


LOL - love the tease in this post! And as luscious as they are, I can see why the little flirty things just can't steal you away from Birch.


I was in a 7-11 on my way to Las Vegas by bus, and I saw this on the little television in the store, so I'm coming out of hiding to say, "WHAT idiosyncrasies? I don't have any." Uh-unh, NOT ME!



Kim! Sounds like you're competing for the title of "yarn harlot"! ;) Looks like Birch is nearly there. But all that other temptation!


that malabrigo yarn is gorgeous.. Therer really aren't too many places to cheat around me. Sounds like fun.

lisa S

Oh, I read further...sorry for the babes. :o(

lisa S

Well, I heard a new Nickel Creek number on the radio yesterday morning on KFOG (you can do an internet feed) and heard that they were in town doing a small show for the SF Bay Area devotees. Just thought that I would say, I speak bunny AND Nickel Creek...
Been there with the clean up the bunny thing and while it is really gross and sad, it is also for the protection of the siblings, who I am glad to hear are all safe and sound. I will lift a Pinot Grigio to them all.

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