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Thursday, July 14, 2005



I am becoming quite the alpaca/angora addict after finishing the shawl of alpaca/angora/cashmere/silk blend. Lovely lovely spun for open lace - not too hot, not too breezy - just right.


As one who just purchased a new Saint Bernard puppy from a lovely breeder...I can appreciate how you must feel...but the joy on my end of the spectrum is boundless. Your Kai is adorable and I am sure the lucky family is just overjoyed. I know my breeder had tears in her eyes when we were set to leave with our puppy, but I know that she was also happy seeing how much happiness he brought to my family....particularly my children. Just thought you would like to know.

Helen in NH

Kim, I came here looking for soaps -- tripped over the sherbet again and now I just want to go out for ice cream.

Where are the soaps?
(not unopposed to knitting ice cream by the way)


Could you see my eyes light up? Did you hear me say, "Ooooo". What beautiful rovings! Love the pink!!!!! Puppy love...I am sure you have sent Kai to a great home; otherwise, you would not have allowed them the pleasure of such an awesome pup!


I wish one little puppy was coming home here.......but we aren't ready yet. sniff

and I love that apricot roving...
love that color and I would spin it with the pink roving
cause they are sooooooooooooo my colors


What a good mommy you are. I can only imagine how torn you must feel to raise puppies knowing they will be leaving for other homes some day. You put so much of yourself into them. What lucky people they are for receiving this jewel from a breeder like you. It has to be doubly hard to release one you had intended to keep. I'm glad you will be able to see him on occasion.

The purse is the bomb! Every gal deserves a little bling now and then. :0)


So much beauty! I love the pink - it looks like cotton candy.

I'm glad the sweet puppy is going to a loving home - I can't imagine how hard it must be to let them go!


Certainly dogs smile. And they pout, worry, frown, comfort, love, and have a sense of humor. We have one dog who tries to talk.

Non-dog people think we imagine these things. But we know they're real.


I LOVE that bag! Great impulse buy. :-) Kai's new family looks tickled to have him, but it's so hard to say goodbye. We have a dog that "smiles", too.


Nice bag;-) Kai is off on a new adventure. You gave him a good start.
The pink roving is to live for! Is it spoken for as yet?


It's so great that you'll be able to see Kai sometimes! That must really help.


That would be a lovely shawl - and how soft would THAT be? I'd say go for it.


Kai's new people look lovely and SO happy with him! And Kai looks happy, too. It's hard enough giving up some of the bunnies (your lynx doe is one of them!) but it was tougher with dogs!

An alpaca and angora shawl sounds luxuriously wonderful. Love the monkey bag; I'm a flash girl myself; love those sparkles!

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