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Tuesday, June 21, 2005



ok, when you answer this ( as I know you will cause you always do)
please tell me what is involved in owning one of the CKC?
we had a pet dalmatian ( pre-disney and that retched movie ruining them) she lived 16 wonderful years.
we did 4 years of doggie school, simply cause she loved it so much. ( doggie socializing)
and she traveled with us everywhere.
What health issues do the CKC have? ( I remember something about the heart) how and what type of grooming do they need. What type of diet? ( dal's need low protein)
how do they get along with cats........ ( we have 4 right now but I am ready to eject the 18 year old one.......she is so senile....... JK she will live out her alloted years.... but she has to stop getting under my FEET)
who has more questions about doggies
btw, did you get the liners ordered....
they will make you work soooooooo much easier


Oh oh ohhhhhh, that picture of little Bliss is just adorable. What an expression :)


Bliss is a darling!!!! Congratulations on her successand yours for raising her. I think you have caused me to want to make this smoke ring!!! It is too beautiful to resist. I must get the pattern tout suite :)


Way to go Bliss...she is such a lady. I love the pictures of her. Your Smoke Ring is looking good.I need to get started on mine.


Congratulations! Bliss is gorgeous, and I can see how she makes you proud! Lovely yarn, too...have a great weekend!

Mary Beth

Hey - if you ever come this way again - I'm just a few minutes south of Danbury!

claudia k

Simply lovely doggie:) I can see why you are staying with the organizaton. Responsible breeders make a better statement. Good luck with your new job.


Congratulations to you and Bliss. What a beautiful dog.

How interesting that they let the showdogs in the hotel. Our doggy school is trying to find an outdoor restaurant where we can eat lunch with our dogs at our feet after doing a demo at a dog walk in South Haven on Saturday. So far no luck. It isn't looking promising.


Congrats on the win!


The lovely Miss Bliss...she just looks sweet and that makes a champ in my book. Love your smoke ring and that yummy fiber.I hope to spin the lovely roving you sent me soon...but I have to be very good first, as it is so wonderful.


Congrats to beautiful Bliss on her win. I share the same exact struggle with the RAOK ring...often wondering why I joined it. It's not really my style, either.


Well, of COURSE Miss Bliss won. Did anyone doubt it for a minute? Just look at that face!! :)

Congrats to you both.


Congratulations to you and the lovely Miss Bliss.



Btw, I rec'd the fiber yesterday - looks wonderful! Thanks ever so.


Congrats on Miss Bliss and her exciting win. I LOVE hanging with friends at dog shows. It is so much fun. The lacework looks devine. I haven't been brave enough to try real lace myself yet.

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