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Wednesday, June 01, 2005



I am sorry about the pillyness.




I'm sorry to hear about what happened!!! I hope it was a one time thing and you don't have any future problems with fiber processing.

I had the same question as Liz about the frolic - I'm new to spinning (spindling actually) but I'd love to have some, even if just to save in a bag so I can pull it out and touch it every now and then. I'll be at there and love all of those colors! (the purple/indigo is beautiful!)


Shoo-shoo black clouds! Kim needs some sunshine. I hope things are looking brighter...


Bummer about the roving, but glad things worked out with the boy. Hope the sun stays out and ALL black clouds roll away!


Oh, that's sad! I can't imagine how frustrated you must be. Can it be spun anyway - by an inexprienced spinner, maybe, someone like, ummm, me??


Oh no! I have absolutely no advice to give you, but I'm sending you a big hug!


louie is just a beauty, seeing your dogs makes me want to look into that breed for a future dog...is there a "rescue" group for your breed? in new england?


Oooh, how frustrating. Have I lost an entire month without realizing it, or am I just totally confused? Your date on your post is off a few weeks. :)


I'm interessted in some of the roving. you can e me at RIhandspun@earthlink.net I hope to spin what I can and use the rest for felt or add ins in spinning. Hope this helps, su


Don't whine but you should let the processor know it was no good!
Sending smiles you way;-)


After you spend time anticipating the processed fiber to discover neppy roving - well, it does blacken one's outlook for a bit. Hopefully this was a one time problem for your processor. After all, the blogworld is so chatty that any fiber biz is going to be advertised one way or the other.


I can't imagine how frustrating that must be. Do you think I'd want to try spinning it, or do you really think its best for felting?


That stinks!!! What a disappointment! Aren't you glad you kept half of it back for your own processing? Can't go wrong with a PG carder and lots of loving attention!

(Would you be willing to email me privately and let me know the secret identity of the processor?)

Lizzy B

Oh Kim, that is heartbreaking. Have you tried spinning any of it? Perhaps it will even out as you spin it?


Oh how heartbreaking! Nothing worse than getting neps in such soft fiber. That said..... how much of the Blue Moon colorway do you have? :)


Ugh, how frustrating for you! I'd love to try spinning some angora (even if it is pilly)...are you planning on bringing those "rejects" to the Frolic?


THose colorways are great, I am sorry it got pill-y. But yes, can't it just be considered a "designer" yarn? There are so many yarns out there with bumps in them!

I haven't been reading much lately, but I caught up with you today. It sounds like you have been busy. I am glad you have so many little critters to fill the place in your heart left by your little girl. You will never forget her, but as time goes on, it hurts less, doesn't it?

Take care and welcome home to bubba louis!

claudia k

I have had this happen before and it is dreadful. That is why I process everything myself these days. My sympathies.


The rest of the rovings are just gorgeous.I am learning how to use the drop spindle. I would love to purchase some to try. I'll drop you an email.


Oh, how disappointing! You've come up with some luscious colorways - I'm so sorry they came out neppy. Be very proud of your batch of candy apple - looks lovely and soft!


no dear it isn't a black cloud
( that would be over my house actually)
it is just a reminder for when things do go right
you did have the adorable babies this spring......
can you comb any of the angora?
or do 'designer' yarn
I was saving some of the neps in my corriedale, ( after I dyed the rovings)
and intended to throw it into something else.
there by.......making TWEED?
who may be out of her mind but that isn't any bit news huh?


I would LOVE to try some of the angora, how do I go about purchasing some?

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