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Tuesday, June 14, 2005



Hugs to you, dealing with difficult decisions ahead. Thanks for posting your bunny pics, they are so adorable :)


Great quotes, Kim. I think balance is so important, and so unappreciated these days. America, meet Yin and Yang.

Wasn't that heat awful? And of course, now, it's freezing again!

Love the bunny genetics. Oh, and that green roving? Spun like a dream. I expected no less. ;)


I just wanted to thank you for all the lovely bunny photos and information. I am seriously considering getting a rabbit - could you recommend any places to get more information and do some research? Thanks!

claudia k

As usual, I enjoy your posts enormously. Belinda is thriving at your place and I am so glad for you both. May your dog breeding decisions be arrived at when you are at peace. And thank you for all you are doing for angora rabbits...we/they are all grateful.


Tough calls on what to do sometimes, but there are also times when stepping back is the best.

Great series on bunny colors; keep it up! Great bunny pics, too. Love Belinda; she looks like my line from my original doe, Cinder!


Lovely bunny photos, what a gorgeous apricot color too. I bought some angora to spin at a show over here I went to recently. I had a little go on the lady's wheel whilst I was there and I love the feel of the angora. Just got to sit myself down and spin some up for me!


Sounds like your life is full of tough decisions right now. Deciding to leave the group that was causing angst is a good move. May you also figure out what is best with your dog breeding.
Sounds like the Frolic was a blast. Wish you were going to be at Estes but I'll get into enough trouble and I already know where you are;-)
That is if I ever learn to spin.


Your bunnies are beautiful! I love it when you share photos of them.

{{{hugs}}} to you with your difficult times.


never mind about the book
ditzy vi figured out that you throughtfully included a link in the name


Sounds like you have a lot going on right now...hopefully all will become clear and resolve itself for you. :)

That Opalessence is awfully pretty......


what little book is that you've been quoting from?
what is going on with the Caviler spaniels?
I was thinking of getting one for my 'old age' dog.


Hi Kim! I have been awaiting your post of the Fiber Frolic. You must have finally recovered. :-)It was great to finally meet you. (Love ewes t-shirt and NETA bag if that helps jog your memory) Sorry I didn't stay longer to chat. It was just so darn hot! YOur booth was awesome. Just wish I had more fundage to spread around. :-( I LOVE your posts about the rabbits. It is helpful to know more about identifying colors. (even though I'll probably never breed any myself) I am a regular reader of your blog and I just love it. Hope to see you again at Spa or the next Frolic!

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