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Wednesday, June 08, 2005



Mmm, lilac torte sounds nice, but I'm in the mood for chocolate torte :)


Haha! I know what you mean about telling them apart. We had nine black lab puppies and we painted their toenails different colors to tell them apart!


Dang! those bunnies are cute!


this is a fascinating post ...


Okay... now I want a bunny too!! Thanks, Kim. Thanks a lot! ;-)


Those bunnies are adorable -- I want to reach through my screen and pet them! Enjoy Fiber Frolic!

Lizzy B

Those Bun Buns look like they are very cuddleable. The genetics is very interesting. I didn't know that the fur colorings were so different!

Your rovings are lovely as always. :)


those pictures are great - but don't help my "I want a rabbit!" cause. (I need to wait a few years, but it's hard to rationalize it!) I am looking forward to petting your wares in person - see you this weekend!

claudia k

Great info on genetics. The bunnies are simply, simply too cute. Happy carding and may you sell out on the first day!


what adorable creatures! I just want to snuggle them.


Is it really pathetic that all I want to do is pet and hug and squeeze your bun(nie)s? The look so soft and sweet and beautiful!

Wish I was going to the fest. Have a great time!


You can talk about the color of bunnies all you want but I can't get past the darling faces!


Are you doing immersion dyeing in the first picture, or just rinsing the fiber after dyeing? It is beautiful! Do you like to dye the fiber in the separate colors before blending the angora and wool, or do you blend before dyeing? I am still trying to figure out which is better!


oh wow! I always learn something new here. :) The rabbits are just wonderful. Wish I was going to the fiber fest, I'm too far away.


What lovely rabbits! And lovely yarn, too!


Thanks for the quick lesson in rabbit color genetics. I found it awfully informative and the models are downright cute. Beautiful colors and such sweet little faces.


Too beautiful!! I now see what the difference is between the solid and agouti coloring. They are lovely. Thank's for all the information.


Kim, you absolutely must stop posting the world's cutest bunny pictures. Because I sit here and squeal and everyone questions my sanity - well, until I show them the pictures too. But its embarassing.


Lovely faces and looks like good color in those boys! I have a lynx in one of my litters this time, along with two lilac, a chocolate chin and a chocolate agouti. Talk about confusion for awhile!


Funny you mention that! Twinkie is around 18 months old now, and her colour is still changing. When we first got her, she was pretty much white, with darker tipped ears, nose and feet. The darker parts have gradually gotten darker, and bigger. Her whole nose is dark now, as are her ears, but the dark parts are still spreading, and just in the lst week we have noticed that she is getting a dark patch above her front leg. Odd. But your bunnies are such pretty colours!


They are just a gorgeous pair!! What wonderful colors. But yeah... the color genetics thing makes my head spin - that's why I leave it to you and Chris. ;)

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