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Tuesday, May 10, 2005



I love stopping by your blog with my morning cup of coffee. You always make me smile.... How adorable is that little bunny peeking out around the yarn. The yarn is incredible. Can't wait to see what you make with it. We went down to 28 degrees last night. I thought about you nestled up there in the mountains. I was hoping to go to the NH sheep and Wool this weekend. But, funds are not going to allow it the year. These new glasses have seen to that.

julia fc

I'm signed up for the afternoon Amos class. Perchance we'll be wheel neighbors?


Looks like your spring is catching up with mine. Isn't it wonderful? Judy's greens are heavenly, just like the new leaves!

I think I have a lilac in Joy's litter; hope it's a doe so I can keep it!


intolerable cuteness!!!


Oh love the bunny in the yarn basket, how cute is that!


Well, now. How cute is she? Hard to tell which I like better... her cute little face poking out, or the scrumptious yarn from Ms. Judy herself!


Ooh, I wish I had all that angora right here so I could roll around in it.


AH, such cute Bunnies! That fiber is truly scrumptous looking! I can't wait to see all your new fibers!


Hey Kim, I just signed up for a workshop at the Fiber Frolic (for dyeing) so I'll make sure to find you! Cute bunnies, as usual. :)


Gorgeous handspun! We had Spring for about a week here, enough for flowers to come out and tease, and now it's cold again. Another week or so...

Teresa C

Hey-I just popped over from a comment about seeing John Hiatt at a Robert Cray concert in Lowell. That is where my husband and I first saw him! Could we have been at the same concert? It was one of our first forays away from our babies, I remember loving the concert, but being eager to get back to them. This has brought back those memories. Two summers ago we saw JH open for Cray again up at Hampton Beach. Only that time we went FOR JH, not necessarily for Cray. We just love him.


hey I am a toiletries maker too
I used to be moderator at handcrafted soap forum.
and I have a small soap biz.
btw, the bunnies are so very cute as usual.
and tomorrow I am going to the goaties and the sheepies....
the last time I will be able to for about two months.
I will miss them so much

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