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Friday, May 27, 2005



Man I wish we were close by!! I'd take Miss Mouse in a heartbeat! She is SO adorable. So is Louie and... and... lol.


Oh, little Mouse has the prettiest face of all. She is such a sweetie.

We're having sensationally hot weather in England, by the way. Up in the 80s. Just thought I'd share that with you lol.


As I live near the town of Ballymena in Northern Ireland I occasionally search blogs using the 'Mena as a tag. I've come across your site before. Being too time-pressed to delve into your archives I'd love you to tell me what your connection with Ballymena is.
Your daughter is pretty - my youngest daughter is called Hannah too - and my oldest daughter is a handicrafts fanatic.


the angora looks as soft and beautiful as any yarn I have ever seen! The color is delicious ... and those puppies are so sweet.


They look so big! But still cute as ever. And that hat looks like you'd want to rub it on your cheek for hours. Take care!


you could send mouse here........
she would love it
with the cats, and the trips to the sheepies and goaties.......
we could find her a tiny mud puddle if she would like.....
where the wild bunnies live


Mouse still melts my heart every time.


What wonderful puppies - amused that you, like I would be, are unable to let all of them go. Good, now I can watch him grow up :-). Lovely batts too.


What wonderful things in your pictures - the batts, the hat, Hannah, and (sigh) the puppies.

I just had to list all the reasons we do not want another puppy. Reason #1 - it's been over three years and we've forgotten how much work they are. But we haven't forgotten how much fun they are, so I'm jealous of the homes that are getting your sweet babies, especially Mouse.


The hat is lovely, what a wonderful gift. The puppies must be fun to watch. Stay dry.


Oh, be still my heart! How those lovely pups have grown! This is good news, Kim, dear.

On a sadder note, I was so sorry to hear of Dandy's passing. I hope petting that lovely bunny fiber is soothing your aching heart. Much love to you!


Kai is getting to be such a handsome fellow! Can't blame you for holding onto him.

Wish I could reach in and fondle the batts; love the color. Hope the rain goes away and that your weekend is even easier than you anticipate!


Oh, what to comment about first??? The batts, the puppies, that hat, Hannah - awwww, heck! They are all great! Good luck this weekend!


Can you believe it actually did not rain today? Well, some showers, but that's ok. This weather is getting old...glad to see you have new rovings to brighten things up on your end. Hope you have a good weekend.


Can you really let Mouse go? The hat is goregous. I love the color.

Cindy D

Both Hannah and the puppies are adorable! Love the hat! I can almost feel its softness.


Are you building an ark yet? I've started mine. Those puppies.....awwwwww, they get me every time!


It must be hard to part with all those little darlings. Have a great weekend.


Beautiful batts! I can't remember - what carder do you have?

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