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Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Paprika looks wonderful! You really turn out some beautiful pieces. It will be fun to watch your progress on the lace.

I am thinking that the darker bunny is red, which is a difficult color to get, isn't it? They are adorable. Makes me (sort of ) want to breed mine. But my husband would freak!

claudia k

Sweet Bunnies, Kim!!!!!!! Keep me on the list and let me know:)


Great stash you've got there! Can;t wait to see your shawl. And those bunnies! Wanna hug them too!


as always you make my day.
the babies are to die for.
and the opening comment really hit a spot that needed to be hit today.
thank you again so much


Your cardigan is great! One thing about the Peruvian Wool is that it pills so much! Maybe I should knit at a tighter gauge!
The bunnies are sooooo cute!

Mary Beth

So many beautiful things in this post. Thanks for clarifying jumper/fingering weight - was never sure about that! Sweet bunnies!


I know how you feel about knit alongs - I am so often the same way. I want to join so many but don't seem to have the follow through. Strangely enough for me I recently finished a couple of knit along items all in a row. I've seen the link for the Gathering of Lace along and am so tempted to join - alas I don't have the book although it's in my "line-up" of must haves. The handspun looks lovely for your project - I wish you happy knitting!


As always your baby animal pictures cheered me up today.


Your shawl is going to be GORGEOUS! I was thinking about that for mine KAL piece, too. Your sweater is also great and it would be wonderful to see it 'in acton'.


Wow, you've been busy! Such wonderful projects and such lovely handspun! Your shawl will be stunning!

The bunnies are precious. I know nothing about rabbits but the one looks darker and more cinnamon colored. They're cute, regardless!

The paprika sweater is STUNNING! I bet you look fabulous in it!


Paprika looks great! Someday I'll get the gumption up to try lace, but for now, I'll live vicariously through you. :)


Wow, all this with a dislocated finger? Unreal. I just love Casual Cables, everything about it -- the color, the buttons, the style - yum!


your casual cable is darling!I would love to see you do that faux russian stole.how beautiful is that?? wow.stunning.I would have loved to be apart of that knitalong but I don't think my lace knitting is up to that yet ;0) but I will have fun watching your project grow.love the bunnies,I bet their a hand full now ;0)


What a great sweater! THe pattern..perfect. The color...perfect. Very nicely done. Now, if you are having trouble with that 14 year old, why don't you knit her a bathing suit?


The Casual Cables is beautiful! It's a fun knit, isn't it? I can't believe how much the buns have grown already!

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