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Friday, May 20, 2005



The yarn is simply beautiful ... and the bunnies adorable (yes ... they do look yellow/green to me too!). I am so sorry you have had a difficult weekend. I hope you are recovering today.

Cindy D

I've been there, too....losing a posting...a real long one...what a bummer!!!

Lizzy B

I hope your journey went well. Good thoughts were sent your way. :)

The blue fiber is gorgeous and the bunnies are looking SOOoooo cute!


I hope your journey wasn't as difficult as you'd imagined and that all is well today. Sorry last week was a mess. Mine, too. Ah, well, looking up now, I hope.....:)


Hope your weekend went better than it sounds like you expected it to go.

Maybe it was time something went right for you?

Lisa S

I think that there was something in the air this past week...more posts went bye-bye with the help of errant fingers OR lack of brain cells. Fear not, you are not alone!
Ahhhhh...buns. I miss their little faces but not the worry in the summer.

I use 409 for my surfaces, post dye exposure. Works like a charm-ola.


May I someday learn to spin just like you! Wonderful...hope your 'difficult' weekend was not as difficult as you seemed to be expecting, whatever it was. BTW..How is the Jodi Picoult book? I have a friend who swears by all her novels.


Those bunnies are very cute and I love your pretty yarn. What a woman of talents you are!


Love your site and those bunnies are just the cutest! I look at your site as a model for how attractive a site can be. Do you use just the basic typepad or an upgraded version. Thanks in advance.



listen type your blog entries in a word processing program and then copy and paste to the blog
or alternate
before you hit the post key for the blog copy and paste to an email to yourself
it helps cut down on the wasted blog posts
who now wants a bunny but has to content herself with a bunch of sheepies


Just beautiful yarn, Kim. Very nice.


Sending you knitting hugs on your difficult mission. The yarn is just gorgeous. You did spin these right? Those look like some Irish bunnies to me...lol.


I'll be thinking of you this weekend. Be strong and know you have many blog-friends wishing you well.

The fiber is gorgeous - it looks almost periwinkle on my monitor.

P.S. - I've knit a few more rows on my big project. Not long 'til stockinette time. :)


Hugs to you, whatever the difficult mission is.


I always wanted a white poodle so I could dye it in different color schemes. It DOES look like you kool-aided the bunnies!


Best of luck on your difficult weekend.


The bunnies look green to me too, did you die them too? Okay I'm only joking. Love the fiber pictures too. It's fun to see the fiber on the hoof though, or in this case on the paw.


Ok, Kim, the cute green bunnies are just a little too much.


very,VERY cute! hope it picks up for you.


Ooooo, those bunnies are TOO CUTE!!!
I hit save after every new picture and every new paragraph. It makes life so much less stressful;-)
I'll be thinking of you on your mission...whatever it is.


Hope your weekend goes better than your week. The fiber is lovely though - no matter how rough the week was.


Is it just me, or do those bunnies look kinda green? Are you dying wool on the rabbit now? LOL! (I know you're not.)

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