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Sunday, May 15, 2005



I was at NH too! Too bad we didn't meet up.

Three of my siblings & myself were busy showing llamas on Saturday. It was a lot of fun.


Love the new wheel, Kim! Did you get the opportunity to meet Margene at the festival?? If not, we're all dying to meet you when you come out to SOAR in November. You are coming; aren't you.


I do enjoy reading your blog, and indeed blogging really does bring the world together. Despite my jealousy at reading all about the various fibre fairs over in USA recently, it is really lovely to hear what people are up to in their day-to-day lives... the kind of daily experiences that never make it into the news.

Helen in NH

GAWD. Now you see why I like to stay BEHIND the lens.
(back of hand to forhead, falling to floor with a horrible thud.)


MMMmmm, love the wheel! I tried one of those in MD, and it was a case of serious temptation.

I somehow missed your booth at NH--hopefully I'll see you in Cummington--I need more of the hand cream I got from you at SPA!


Sounds like a wonderful time! Great fiber, fantastic wheels and terrific people...what more could any Woolen Rabbit ask! Wish I had been able to be there!


Looks like a fun day!


Oh you got a new wheel. I'm so sorry our paths didn't cross! ;-)


I am still waiting for a wheel to enter my life. that new one you got is very very nice.
spin in good health and have a blast


Sounds like a wonderful time! Glad you and Judy got to hook up too! Your new wheel is gorgeous as well - nice choice. :)


sounds like u've had a whale of a time! Wish we have things like that over my side. Love that new stash addition you've got there and ur wheels looks really lovely!


I'll wrestle Cassie for that red batt! It was lovely to see you again, and I adore your sweater. I won't mention how jeal... I am about that WHEEL!!Congratulations and ENJOY it!


Whoa. That there is one very full blog post.

The wheel is amazing. Your sweater was absolutely breathtaking in person.

And it was GREAT to get to meet you!!

Oh, and I need that red batt. wow. ;-)


I love your new wheel. Congratulations. I'm eagerly waiting for the particulars on your "old" wheel. :)


Looks like it was a fun time. What a beautiful wheel!


I am speechless... my dream day was yours. No wonder I was sleepy most of the day.


Sounds like a great day and the fibre is gorgeous. I really should do something about learning to use my wheel!


We had a terrific time too! Great weather and lots of great things to see.


Holy cow, KIM!!! I saw those wheels on someone else's blog and thought, "How beautiful". I guess we both got lucky this weekend!! Congrats!!!


After meeting you and hearing about your new wheel, I hauled myself right over to see it for myself. It is really fantastic with the metal leaf inserts. I haven't spun on his wheels, but they surely are works of art. It was wonderful to meet you and your paprika.

Cindy D

I very much enjoyed getting to meet you today at NHSW while eating our lunch!!! I love your new wheel and would like to know what pattern you used for the beautiful sweater you wore today

Theresa C

It really was great to meet you, though we didn't have a chance to talk. Your sweater is gorgeous. I wanted to find out where you are from, because I am from the area (have I asked you this before?) and am always looking for people to hook up with for real personal contact. Norma, Cassie and Stephanie had you immediately talking and, as you may have noticed, they are pretty chatty and I was a bit tired so I didn't jump in like I would usually do. I was looking at wheels today, but I am not yet a spinner and don't want to plunk down the cash until I try a few and see if I even like it. I hope we get another chance to talk for real, and I am envious of your haul! Great job.


Wow - you really did go a bit over the edge, eh? That paprika color is starting to grow on me. :)


Oh, what a great day you had! The fiber is beautiful and that wheel! Speechless! :) And you were amongst my favorite people! Lucky you! :)

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